Denver Broncos LB Brandon Marshall Gives His Take on the Quarterback Competition

He's the guy in the middle of the action. What does Brandon Marshall have to say about the two young quarterbacks?

It's the biggest storyline for the Denver Broncos from now until September. Just about every player and coach that gets up in front of the media is being asked about the quarterback competition between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch.

Typically, it's the offensive players and coaches that we expect to give the most salient insight on the differences and similarities between the two young passers. However, it's also worth listening to what the defensive players have to say about the budding competition in its early stages. And there's no better player to ask than the guy who's always in the middle of the action, inside linebacker Brandon Marshall.

"Paxton has the arm you dream of," Marshall started, before retorting that, "Siemian has the accuracy and the mind that you dream of."

If only the two quarterbacks could be combined in a laboratory to create Trevton Lynchian, a signal-caller more elite than Joe Flacco with a cool demeanor, laser-rocket arm, good wheels, and excellent football acumen.

Unfortunately, playing God isn't a very practical way to resolve the quarterback competition, so we'll have to wait it out until one-half of Trevton Lynchian wins the job outright.

Marshall presents a little bit of a dilemma with his comment. Which type of quarterback do the Broncos want to roll with? The one that can bring the heat and get the ball from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible, or the guy who knows where the ball should be before it comes out of his hands at a slower speed?

Historically speaking, the strong-armed quarterbacks are hit and miss, but occasionally a team will strike gold with someone like Brett Favre or, of course, John Elway. The more consistent option tends to be the cerebral one, the quarterback that can envision the play unfolding before it happens and can put the ball on the money, even if it's not coming in at breakneck speeds.

The best quarterbacks who made the playoffs last year were Tom BradyMatt Ryan, Derek Carr, and Aaron Rodgers. Brady and Ryan are the cerebral type, while Carr and Rodgers incorporate a bit of a both into their game. You can win with either kind, but the more tried and true option is the quarterback whose traits Marshall attributed to Siemian.

In just a few short months, we'll see which type of quarterback the Broncos prefer. 

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