Plummer promises to step it up

The Denver Broncos are back on the road again, ready for the chance to bring home another win to set the record straight

The Denver Broncos are back on the road again ready for the chance to bring home another win to set the record straight. The Broncos will rush the field Sunday in San Diego, aiming for consistency and precision to prove that their win over the Bengals was an accurate preview for the 15 games remaining in the season. But Jake Plummer intends to show that his performance during this preview was a false depiction of how he will be as a Bronco.

Plummer, who looked erratic in the first game, will be up against a defense that will attempt to force him to throw long. The Chargers game plan will focus on trying to stop Clinton Portis from gaining numerous yards in the middle, putting pressure on Plummer to use his arm. With the Broncos' obstinate offensive line and ability to clear the path, Portis should still have many opportunities for rushing.

Plummer knows his debut as a Bronco was flawed, but he is determined to make much improvement in his game.

"I am going to work as hard as I can," said Plummer. "I have already looked at a lot of the San Diego tape and I am into the game plan. The beauty of this business is that you get another week to come back and go after it again."

Even though the Chargers are not projected to keep the Broncos from gaining yards on first and second downs, if Plummer finds himself having to go deep, he looks forward to confirming his aptitude. With the Chargers' young and inexperienced secondary, Plummer should have plenty of downfield resources.

Shannon Sharpe sets the vision for the game.

"We strive for perfection," said Sharpe. "Ninety-nine and a half isn't good enough: we want a hundred."

Although Plummer needs to step it up, this is the type of vision Bronco fans like to see. Bronco fans and critics should expect the Broncos to bring home another win, leading them to their next challenge of the season.

The Broncos have their long awaited home-opener against the Raiders next Monday night at Invesco Field at Mile High.

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