Broncos, Raiders renew MNF tradition

Monday Night Football games against the Oakland Raiders have played a key role in shaping the Denver Broncos' history. Read about it in today's reports.

Going to extremes - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - Come on in and sneak a peek at Daryl Gardener's unique life. Do not worry about the two life-sized lions guarding the front entrance of his 14,000-square-foot home over 3 1/2 acres in a posh Coral Springs, Fla., neighborhood. They are - not unlike the man himself - one big cover, nothing more than decorative security cameras.

Plummer emulates old Snake - Denver Post - Mark Kiszla
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - Denver quarterback Jake Plummer owes his nickname to an avowed enemy of Broncos Nation. Horrors. Can you keep a secret? Tucked away among the souvenirs of his football career is a cherished gift from the Original Snake, a feisty Oakland Raiders quarterback and Plummer's namesake.

No lie: There's a pattern here - Daily Camera - Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times
September 21, 2003 - Now that Denver coach Mike Shanahan was cleared of any wrongdoing by the NFL after blatantly lying about Jake Plummer's injury in last Sunday's victory over San Diego, lots of other people in the league can step up to the confessional.

Broncos-Raiders: 30 years of memories on Monday nights - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
September 21, 2003 - Thirty years ago, this was not considered much of a sports town. Sure, there were the Nuggets, an exciting ABA team. But the Colorado Rockies weren't even born yet — the NHL version would hit the scene three years later and the Major League Baseball franchise two decades later. The Rocky Mountains had great skiing, but no Avalanche.

Broncos-Raiders - Daily Camera
September 21, 2003 - Here are the dates and scores of the Monday Night Football series between the Broncos and Raiders, which is tied 6-6-1 entering the latest episode.

Jake Plummer in a position to shine - San Francisco Chronicle - Ira Miller
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - Bob Ferguson, general manager of the Seattle Seahawks, worked for Mike Shanahan in Denver and spent six years alongside Jake Plummer in Arizona. So he knows both of them quite well. And he thinks it's a perfect marriage, although Plummer's shoulder injury may affect his performance or availability for Monday night's game against the Raiders.

Raiders' sluggish offense needs a running start - San Francisco Chronicle - Nancy Gay
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - The 1-1 Raiders swear nobody is pointing fingers, and you believe them. Which guy are you going to blame for their suddenly impotent offense? The easy answer is quarterback Rich Gannon, but that's like kicking a guy when he's down: Racked by a nasty looking knee strain in Week 1 and a helmet to the lower back in Week 2, the Raiders' MVP passer admittedly isn't at his best right now.

Broncos enjoy unparalleled run - Oakland Tribune - Jerry McDonald,
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - To the Denver Broncos, one read plus one move equals thousands of yards. Ever since coach Mike Shanahan arrived in 1995, the names have changed but not the production. "They have a system, and they just fit the pieces into their system," Raiders linebacker Eric Barton said. "It doesn't really matter who they have back there."

Going with backup QB usually backfires - Oakland Tribune - Jerry McDonald
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - THERE'S ACTUALLY a faction of Raider Nation that wants the plug pulled on league MVP Rich Gannon in favor of Marques Tuiasosopo. It was the same thing in 1995 when Vince Evans was the people's choice over an injured Jeff Hostetler. When Evans got his chance with Hostetler too hurt to play, he wasn't quite the operator as a starter in a 12-6 loss to San Diego.

Gannon hardly in a panic mode - Oakland Tribune - Bill Soliday
Saturday, September 20, 2003 - Rich Gannon has been through the mill this week -- and that doesn't even count last Sunday's subpar game against Cincinnati. Everybody wants to know what's wrong. Has the Raiders offense lost its punch? Has Gannon finally succumbed to advancing years. Is he hurt? Or is he just a victim of his own success and of expectations?

For Broncos, No Shortage of Motivation - - Andrew Mason
Sept. 20, 2003 - When the nation last saw the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders on Monday night, the two teams entered from opposite directions. Denver had won two straight on the road and had the AFC's best record at 6-2; Oakland had lost four in a row and was a pedestrian 4-4.

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