Orange Monday has Broncos seeing black

Al Davis, Bill Romanowski, silver and black --- all the images that Denver fans love to hate converge tonight at Invesco at Mile High when the arch-rival Oakland Raiders come to town for a Monday Night Football game against the Broncos.Read all the latest in today's reports.

Rivals collide again - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Monday, September 22, 2003 - Before facing the Oakland Raiders tonight, Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer first faced a TV camera from ABC. "I admire the Oakland Raiders for their sportsmanship," Plummer says in a TV promotion airing on the network the past week.

Robbins' road back difficult - Denver Post - Woody Paige
Monday, September 22, 2003 - He usually won the conflict on the line, but too frequently he couldn't win the battle within his mind. He himself was his most difficult antagonist. Insensitive coaches call him a head case. Barret Robbins' demon is depression.

Thirty years of Monday mayhem - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Monday, September 22, 2003 - Last week, Rich Gannon predicted a fistfight. Presumably, the Oakland Raiders' classy quarterback was speaking figuratively about tonight's prime-time showdown between the Broncos and Raiders.

Scouting report - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Monday, September 22, 2003 - For the Raiders, the run has become an afterthought, although last week against the Cincinnati Bengals the Raiders were more balanced, throwing 28 times and running 20 times. Running back Charlie Garner has the skills to be an effective back, but Oakland doesn't use him as the focus of its attack.

Dress code targets Broncos - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Monday, September 22, 2003 - This is no fib. The league intends to fine the Broncos a five-figure amount for their Week 2 actions in San Diego, CBS' "NFL Today" show reported Sunday. But the penalty is the result of Denver's dress code, not its injury descriptions.

Don't look now ... - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
September 22, 2003 - Before the season started, Al Wilson made two promises to himself. Don't look past Cincinnati. Don't look past San Diego. "So I didn't," the Denver Broncos middle linebacker said. "But I definitely have been looking forward to this game." Rest assured, no one in the Broncos locker room has been thinking about the Detroit Lions in recent days.

Some of Gold's standards mined from Romo - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
September 22, 2003 - When Denver Broncos linebacker Ian Gold peers onto the field tonight and catches a glimpse of former teammate Bill Romanowski, he'll be reminded of what he once wanted to become - and everything he didn't. For two years, Gold was behind Romanowski on the Broncos depth chart, serving as a special-teams ace and change-of-pace defender. He studied Romanowski's work habits and on-field performance and sought pieces to incorporate into his own game.

Broncos in store for more than dressing-down - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
September 22, 2003 - In the end, it wasn't white lies at San Diego that got the Denver Broncos in a fine mess with the NFL; it was white uniforms. And that could make for another blue Monday.

Krieger: Stick a fork in those elderly Raiders - Rocky Mountain News - Dave Krieger
September 22, 2003 - Do you suppose it's possible the mayor doesn't know the Broncos don't wear orange anymore? I mean, neophytes should be forgiven tonight if they are slightly befuddled at being urged to wear orange to support the team in blue.

Saunders: Madden: In Denver, even the bus booed - Rocky Mountain News - Dusty Saunders
September 22, 2003 - Nostalgia from John Madden's active, rapid-fire memory bank about Denver, the Broncos and the Raiders: "When I was coaching Oakland, the Raiders led the league in boos. But there was no place like Denver. "The bus boos. Can you imagine that? "We'd get off the team bus at Mile High Stadium - three hours before game time - and Broncos fans would be out there, booing us."

How the Broncos and Raiders match up - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
September 22, 2003 - Clinton Portis' chest still might be sore, but he's still capable of inflicting plenty of damage. He is averaging 6.9 yards a carry and 7.8 yards a reception. The key for him will be getting outside of tackles Dana Stubblefield and John Parrella, both good run defenders. The other key is getting ahead, something the Broncos failed to do last year, which prevented Portis from giving Oakland his best shot.

Broncos report, September 22 - Rocky Mountain News
September 22, 2003 - Bill Romanowski: The former Denver Broncos linebacker, no stranger to controversy, vowed last week not to take any cheap shots tonight against Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer, who suffered a first-degree shoulder separation at San Diego.

Broncos vs. Raiders - Daily Camera
September 22, 2003 - THE SERIES: The Raiders lead 52-31-2 (.624) after last year's season sweep. ... Prior to last season Denver had won 12 of the 14 games played between 1995 and 2001. ... This is the 14th meeting between the teams on Monday Night Football and the prime-time series is tied 6-6-1.

Broncos, Raiders set to renew feud - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
September 22, 2003 - The trip to Cincinnati was exciting because it was the first game of the season and a chance for a few guys on defense to redeem themselves against Corey Dillon. But it was the same old Bengals. And an easy Denver victory. Then it was on to San Diego, an opportunity for Jake Plummer to get on track and for the team to get off to a solid start in the AFC West. But it was the same old Chargers. And an easy 2-0 start for the Broncos. "I told myself not to look past Cincinnati, not to look past San Diego, so I didn't," linebacker Al Wilson said. "But I've definitely been looking forward to this game. They embarassed us last year when they came in here and we've got to do something."

RB Portis keeps Broncos smiling - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
September 22, 2003 - Clinton Portis is full of shtick. Not only is the second-year running back the fastest and most important player on the Denver Broncos offense, he is also the funniest person on the team. "He kills me," Shannon Sharpe admits, chuckling while thinking about something Portis had said.

Raiders looking for identity - San Francisco Chronicle - Nancy Gay
Monday, September 22, 2003 - They knew the expectations would be steep, and why not? Put up an average of 389.8 yards and 28 points per game in 2002 and nine months later, everybody figures the Raiders should be doing the same. Well, almost everybody.

Raiders (1-1) vs. Broncos (2-0) - San Francisco Chronicle - Nancy Gay
Monday, September 22, 2003 - These longtime (and fierce) AFC West rivals are sputtering right now on offense, though the Broncos have a better record to show for it. Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon has been hit a lot and looks shaky as a result, lending to inconsistency in the team's precision passing game.

Garner Raiders' unsung weapon - Oakland Tribune - Jerry McDonald,
Monday, September 22, 2003 - As a University of Tennessee alum, Charlie Garner was thrilled to see the NFL's single-game rushing record set by another Volunteer, Baltimore's Jamal Lewis. Yet if Garner were ever to gain 295 yards in a game, he would rather it not come with 30 runs from scrimmage. In his dream game -- a victory, of course -- Garner would run for 150 yards and catch passes for 145 more.

Raiders need against-odds win in Denver - Oakland Tribune - Bill Soliday
Monday, September 22, 2003 - It's back into the belly of the beast for the Oakland Raiders in Week 3. The beast is the AFC West and the annual trek to Denver for a Monday night must-win game against big odds. This marks the eighth time in the past 11 seasons these teams have met on a Monday night, and all but two of those games have been played in Denver, where the Broncos already have one of the NFL's most impressive home-field advantages.

Raiders ready to change tunes - Oakland Tribune - Carl Steward
Monday, September 22, 2003 - When in doubt, sometimes it's best just to laugh. So it is hoped when it's time for pregame speeches tonight at Invesco Field, the Oakland Raiders turn the mike over to offensive guard Frank Middleton and let him rap. He'll get everybody loosened up. "We're like Mike Tyson right now," Middleton mused this week. "We're depressin' everybody."

Oakland's Garner hopes to join elite 1,000-1,000 club - Oakland Tribune - Jerry McDonald
Monday, September 22, 2003 - Charlie Garner claims any disappointment about failing to reach the 1,000-1,000 club in rushing and receiving yardage was minor compared to not getting a Super Bowl ring with the Oakland Raiders. Roger Craig, the former 49ers running back and the first player in NFL history to go 1,000-1,000 in 1985, sounded more upset than Garner.

Raiders' Janikowski arrested - Contra Costa Times
Mon, Sep. 22, 2003 - Raiders place-kicker Sebastian Janikowski was arrested Saturday night after getting into a bar fight in Walnut Creek, police said. Janikowski, of Castro Valley, was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor vandalism and being drunk in public, Lt. Steve Skinner said.

Raiders look for repeat performance - Contra Costa Times - Steve Corkran
Mon, Sep. 22, 2003 - Sure, there were numerous convincing wins, a defeat of the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and two lopsided playoff victories. But, to a man, the Raiders pointed to their first game against the Denver Broncos last season as the turning point in their emerging from a midseason funk and eventually winning the AFC West, rolling through the playoffs and reaching the Super Bowl.

Raiders' success hinges on run - Contra Costa Times - Neil Hayes
Mon, Sep. 22, 2003 - THIS SPACE IS frequently used to rail against all things conservative about the NFL. The use of a prevent defense should result in the immediate termination of a defensive coordinator. Six-yard passes on third-and-seven should be punishable by public flogging. That said, the Raiders offense needs to take a more conservative tack heading into tonight's game against the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High. As much as it hurts to admit this, they need to reacquaint themselves with chapter one of the team's playbook.

The Night a Tie Made the Broncos Winners - - Andrew Mason
Monday, September 22, 2003 - Denver's new mayor, John Hickenlooper, hasn't even been in office for two months. Until his springtime election to the post, he was known mostly to locals as the proprietor of a microbrewery in the city. But it didn't take him long to learn one of the first rules of city governance -- to embrace the most unifying passion in his city and state. Last Thursday, he issued an official proclamation declaring Sept. 22 -- the day when the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders renew acquaintances on Monday Night Football -- as "Orange Monday," a day in which locals are encouraged to break out the Broncos' signature color. Thirty years ago, then-Mayor Bill McNichols did the same thing, as Oct. 22, 1973 was declared "Orange Monday" for the city and county of Denver.

A Smashing Debut - - James Merilatt
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - There's no formula for predicting which of the next over-hyped prodigies is going to develop into the standard by which all future generations are measured and which is going to flame out in a troubling downward spiral caused by the weight of excessive expectations, the trappings of fame and the lure of riches. It's all based on a hunch.

Broncos-Raiders Capsule and Notes -
Sunday, September 21, 2003 - Including two playoff meetings, the 88th game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders takes place this week on ABC's Monday Night Football. Denver is one victory away from its fifth 3-0 start in eight years. If Oakland wins, the Raiders will keep pace with Denver and would force a three-way tie atop the AFC West should Kansas City fall at Houston.

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