Broncos post-game notes & quotes

Many expected the Lions to enter Bronco territory well prepared, but the Lions put-up more of a fight than predicted. The Lions unexpectedly kept their poise throughout the game, allowing them to challenge the Broncos down to the very last minute.

"We didn't have as much intensity as we did last week and we have to come out with that intensity every week," said Ian Gold. "We were down, but we were able to persevere and overcome the Lions and win."

Keeping the fans on the edge of their seats the entire game, the Broncos were able to come off with another win, but it didn't appear to be an easy one. Because of running back Clinton Portis' absence from the backfield the Broncos focused more on their passing game, but weren't able to put as many points on the board as they planned.

"We weren't running the ball as well today," said Plummer. "So obviously there was a little more pressure on my shoulders as far as making decisions and completing the ball. We just wanted to score more points then we did, but we came out with a win."

Plummer, who was the leading rusher against the Lions, completed 25 of 34 with 277 yards. This is what makes Plummer such a versatile performer.

"It shows what this offense can do,"said Ashley Lelie. "With a quarterback that mobile, he can really do a lot of things. Teams are going to have to start watching his feet as well; not just his arm."

The Broncos' defense didn't appear as dominant, allowing the Lions to utilize their running game. But, the Broncos were still able to shutdown the Lions offense at vital times in the game.

The Lions performance did not come as a surprise to Al Wilson. "It's the NFL,"said Wilson. "You are not going to blow everyone out. Some teams just come to play and Detroit definitely came to play. This league is about trying to find a way to win and that is what we did today."

The Bronco victory tonight over the Lions brings them to a 4-0 start this season. Some may think this is a time for the team to celebrate, but not for this dedicated and focused team. The Broncos are already looking ahead to Kansas City.

"I am thinking about the Chiefs right now as I stand here,"said Wilson. "I will start tomorrow and prepare for the Chiefs, because they are going to be a tough team to beat. They have some crazy fans and they really stand behind their football team. It is definitely going to be a tough place to go into and get a W, but we will be ready."

Next Sunday the Broncos will battle for another victory as they take on the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

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