Battle of the Undefeated

Football fans will rally together at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday to witness the Broncos and Chiefs battle it out in week five for the #1 spot in the AFC West.

Denver, Colorado - Football fans will rally together at Arrowhead Stadium to witness the Broncos and Chiefs battle it out in week five for #1 spot in the AFC West. As these two undefeated teams face-off in Kansas City, most of Colorado will be stagnant, waiting to see who will emerge the winner.

Many Bronco fans view this competition as Ashley Lelie put it, "it is really going to prove who the powerhouse of this division is." After barely pulling off a win over the Lions, one of the Broncos' main focuses over the past week was to get their key injured players healthy for the showdown against the Chiefs and appear to have been successful. Running back Clinton Portis and center Tom Nalen were able to return to practice and are expected to start this Sunday.

ON OFFENSE: The Broncos need a big performance from Portis to secure a win in Kansas City and since Portis will be in pads, it is expected that he will come out prepared and ready to give it his all. Although much emphasis is put on the Broncos running game, Plummer will have to deliver with high-speed intensity and remain efficient in his passing game to make this a Bronco win.

Plummer is set on returning to Denver victoriously, but another Bronco win may prove more for Plummer than an undefeated record. The last appearance Plummer made in Kansas City was nearly the worst game of his career, finishing with only 88 passing yards and 3 interceptions. Although Plummer has no time for nostalgia or vain regret, I am sure he wouldn't mind creating a new image for himself at Arrowhead Stadium.

ON DEFENSE: The Broncos will depend tremendously on linebackers Ian Gold, John Mobley, and Al Wilson to prevent running back Priest Holmes from stepping up and gaining yards in the middle. Broncos' defense feels they are prepared to take on the Chiefs ninth ranked offense with focus on stopping Holmes' dead in his tracks.

"Whenever you have a back that is dangerous like that, you have to start and stop with him," said Bertrand Berry. "We know they (the Chiefs) use him in a lot of different ways. They can throw him the ball and he is also quick to run the ball, so it is going to be a big challenge for us. But, I feel we have the personnel to get it done."

Holmes is ranked fifth in the NFL for total yards rushing and will be fired up to compete with Portis, who has an even higher average than Holmes. Holmes will also be ready to swank a memorable comeback from last year when he was forced to leave the field in the third quarter due to a hip injury.

Though the chiefs hope to parade around Arrowhead Stadium dancing to a victory stride, as long as the Broncos can stack the middle and disarm the Chiefs' from using their weapons on special teams, the Broncos should be able to stampede back to Denver remaining undefeated.

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