Hall, Chiefs beat Broncos 24-23

The Broncos gave an impressive performance at Arrowhead Stadium, but fell short to the Chiefs after Dante Hall stepped-up with a 93-yard touchdown return.

The Broncos and the Chiefs matched-up evenly, going back and forth for most of the game until Dante Hall was, once again, able to find a way to step-up and win the game for the Chiefs. Al Wilson watched from the sidelines in disbelief as Dante Hall stole the show with 8:20 minutes remaining in the game. "I couldn't believe it," said Al Wilson. "It was like I was watching TV, like I was watching him return all those plays he did earlier this season. It is just one of those situations where you move on. You live and learn from those mistakes and you go on."

The Broncos were successful at putting pressure on Trent Green and stopping Priest Holmes, but it wasn't enough for them to remain undefeated. Although Clinton Portis, Rod Smith, and Jake Plummer had impressive performances, the Chiefs were able to contain the Broncos offense on many occasions throughout the game. Outside of Hall's 93-yard return, another key to the Chiefs' success was their ability to stop the Broncos offense from executing in the red zone. The Broncos had multiple opportunities to score touchdowns, but were forced on many fourth downs to rack-up points by kicking field goals. Jason Elam made 3 for 4 field goals, putting 9 points on the board. The missed kick by Elam could have secured a Bronco win, but the Broncos felt this was one of many missed opportunities they had throughout the game.

"We left so many plays out there on the field," said Trevor Pryce. "We could have done so much more. We just left a lot of stuff out there. If we had those plays back, that game would have been a totally different game."

Although the Broncos leave Kansas City disappointed after suffering their first loss of the season, they are still coming home with a winning record. The Broncos have potential this year that Denver hasn't seen for quite some time and time, is definitely something they have on their side. The season is still young, leaving the Broncos plenty of time to claim their spot in the AFC West. But, the Broncos' primary focus at this time, is to prepare to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday at home.

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