Broncos to face a struggling Maddox

Pittsburgh quarterback Tommy Maddox has thrown eight interceptions so far this season. The Broncos will face their struggling former teammate next Sunday as Denver tries to get back on the winning track against the Steelers. Read about Maddox in today's news reports.

Broncos mixed on Porter's incident - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Wednesday, October 08, 2003 - The Pittsburgh Steelers enter Sunday's game against the Broncos in the midst of a two-game losing streak, with a stagnant offense that has scored but 26 points in its past two games. That, in turn, has led to questions about whether former Denver quarterback Tommy Maddox's stellar 2002 season was a flash in the pan. But, on the good-news front, Joey Porter is playing football again.

Steeled to criticism - Rocky Mountain News- Clay Latimer
October 8, 2003 - PITTSBURGH - Obviously, Tommy Maddox is a quarterback who doesn't scare easily. He survived Dan Reeves and a stint in the insurance business, didn't he? So why would a couple of bad games and a flurry of criticism unnerve the Pittsburgh Steelers QB as he nears an unlikely homecoming against the Denver Broncos on Sunday at Invesco Field at Mile High?

Thorburn: Shanahan happier in the NHL? ... Just a thought - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 8, 2003 - Some observations from the press box while wondering if Mike Shanahan might enjoy coaching an NHL team more than the Denver Broncos. ... Glass-half-empty: Kansas City (5-0) and Indianapolis (5-0) have elevated themselves above all others and are clearly the class of the AFC and perhaps the entire league. The Chiefs not only lead the season series with Denver 1-0, but have already won a game at Baltimore, a place the Broncos are usually humiliated and are scheduled to visit on Oct. 26. Furthermore, teams are destined for greatness the third year in which they are coached by Dick Vermeil.

Of tactics and lineup, Cowher says, 'Anything can change' - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Ed Bouchette
Wednesday, October 08, 2003 - Bill Cowher promised no tactical changes yesterday to the Steelers' lineup after his team lost the past two games at home to slip to 2-3 and out of first place in the AFC North Division. But check back with him today, tomorrow and again over the weekend because he did not pledge anything beyond the time in which he spoke during his noon news conference yesterday.

Steelers Report: 10/8/03 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Ed Bouchette
Wednesday, October 08, 2003 - How does Cowher cope with the mile-high altitude in Denver? "I just breathe deeper." He said he plans nothing special to help his players in the thin mountain air Sunday.

Madden: Steelers need relevance; Maddox needs insurance - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Mark Madden
Wednesday, October 08, 2003 - The Steelers are stockpiled with great linebackers at a time when the position has never meant less, and drunk with bad cornerbacks at a time when the position has never meant more.

Ward stands up for struggling Maddox - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Ed Bouchette
Tuesday, October 07, 2003 - Hines Ward found the situation critical enough to stand up before coaches and teammates to give a speech yesterday, and threw his support behind quarterback Tommy Maddox, who is throwing more touchdowns to foes than friends lately.

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