Broncos hope to dominate the Steelers

The Broncos take on the Steelers this Sunday at home after suffering their first loss of the season last weekend to Kansas City. Denver intends to bounce back, but know that a win over the speedy Steelers will require a great deal of preparation.

"They are very fast," said Rod Smith Thursday at Dove Valley. "It's almost like they have undersized guys playing their positions. It is like their lineman are safeties and the amount of speed they play with is amazing. Their offense is the part that has hurt them because offensively they turn the ball over a few more times than usual, which puts the defense in a difficult spot."

Although the Steelers haven't had a winning season thus far, the Broncos are anything but underestimating the potential of this team. For the past week, the Broncos have been preparing to defeat the #1 defense in the NFL.

Bronco Breakdown

On Defense:
The Steelers are struggling in all facets of offense and will have a difficult time developing any new rhythm while playing the Broncos this weekend. The Broncos will focus on stopping the Steeler's running game, which will ultimately put pressure on quarterback Tommy Maddox, hoping he will lose poise in his passing game. The defense will plan to dominate the Steelers offensive line, giving them opportunity to accumulate sacks. This will force Maddox to think quickly and accurately or errors and setbacks will occur. Running back Amos Zereoue will have to step up early in the game to help set the tone for the Steelers.

On Offense:
The Steeler's record may reflect only two wins this season, but when it comes to defense, they are ranked # 1 in the NFL and the Broncos may be facing this solid defense without their starting quarterback. Denver is still uncertain who will be the starting quarterback this Sunday, but regardless, the Broncos will have to focus on their passing game more than running, since cornerbacks Chad Scott and DeWayne Washington of the Steelers have displayed weaknesses this season.

The Broncos are expected to win this weekend, but no one expects it to come without challenges, including Rod Smith.

"In this football game, you are going to have two of the best sets of linebackers in the league," explains Smith. "With our group and their group there is tremendous speed and explosion. They tackle very well and our guys tackle very well. As a group of players, I think this is going to be one of the best games to watch."

After experiencing a close loss last weekend to Kansas City, the Broncos will aim to seal the game as early as possible, but don't be surprised if the game proves to be a more exciting than most expect.

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