McNair once sought by Broncos

The Broncos were very serious about drafting Steve McNair in 1995. Read how Denver just missed on the Tennessee Titans' outstanding quarterback. Also in today's reports - Broncos players excelled at many other sports and thoughts on not making excuses for the record to date.

Wannabes - Denver Post - Jim Armstrong
Sunday, November 09, 2003 - Reggie Hayward slam dunks a basketball during some off time at Highlands Ranch Recreation Center at Eastridge. The 6-foot-5, 270-pound defensive end was a power forward at Thornridge High School in Dolton, Ill., and Hayward claims he's still got game. Long before he was a pass rusher, Reggie Hayward was a shot blocker.

Broncos coveted McNair in '95 - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, November 09, 2003 - While tuning in to today's games, zeroing in on the appealing Tennessee Titans-Miami Dolphins matchup, ponder this thought the way the Broncos did in 1995: How would Titans quarterback Steve McNair look in navy blue and orange instead of powder blue and white? The Broncos, it turns out, pushed for it to happen.

Genius label not for sports - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, November 09, 2003 - I would seriously balk at applying the term "genius" to anyone in our little sports world. We're talking about games here. Let doctors, scientists and engineers wear a label more befitting of them.

Raiders nearing Reeves record - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, November 09, 2003 - At 2-6, Oakland is on its way to having the worst post-Super Bowl record in history. Holding the record are the 1989 Broncos and 1998 Atlanta Falcons, each of whom were coached by Dan Reeves and finished 5-11.

Power rankings - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, November 09, 2003 - 1. Indianapolis - Good enough to win at Arrowhead Stadium at any time. Extra points - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, November 09, 2003 - My job is supposed to be covering the Broncos. Only here's an admission: For the past few weeks, it feels a whole lot more like being an obituary writer.

Thorburn: Shanahan had better come up with answers in a hurry - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
November 9, 2003 - Excuses are for losers. And the Denver Broncos, losers of four of their last five games, have a long list of legitimate ones. Jake Plummer broke his foot. John Mobley and Ian Gold, along with most of the rookie class, are on the injured reserve list.

NFL at the halfway point is unpredictable as ever - Daily Camera - Ken Murray, Baltimore Sun
November 9, 2003 - One more time, the unpredictability factor has flipped the NFL head over heels. Just as intriguing as the rise to prominence of the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys is the shocking fall from grace by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders.

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