Head coaching change rumors

Rumors of head coaching changes are everywhere. Some believable, others appear feasible, others just don't seem conceivable. Welcome to the NFL, where almost anything can happen.

  • Following the Bills 31-0 loss to the New England Patriots, the mood was surreal and the belief in the Buffalo locker room was that head coach Gregg Williams would be fired. A change in offensive philosophy, deferring from a wide-open offensive attack to a ball-control scheme in the 2003 season just didn't work. The talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially along the offensive line has to be questioned, as does the future of quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Without protection, Bledsoe is a sitting duck in the pocket, some of his struggles in 2003 are due to his holding of the football far too long. Despite the marked improvement on the defensive side of the ball Williams will be shelved by team President and General Manager Tom Donohoe.

If New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett is not retained, look for Donohoe to get Haslett on speed-dial and bring him to Buffalo.

  • Shocking may be the best description of the Chicago Bears. This team looked as and as any in the league through the first few weeks of the season. Now, head coach Dick Jauron has the Bears sitting at 7-8 and primed to make a run at the .500 mark. Quite an accomplishment and one heck of a coaching job. Heading into the season Jauron was pegged as a 'goner' in Chicago, but as the season has progressed, his Bears have given hope to what was a dismal situation in Chicago.

The onus to fix this Chicago Bears team was placed on General Manager Jerry Angelo. Indications are Angelo intends to fire Jauron, but the latest notion coming out of the Windy City is that it may be Angelo that is shown the door.

  • Dave Wannstedt may live another day in Miami. Under Wannstedt, the Dolphins have been consistent, but unable to take the team to the next level, which has left owner Wayne Huizenga debating the future of his coach. Over the past two-weeks, the front office of the Dolphins have conducted internal meetings to decide the path of the organization. One thing is certain from these meetings, Miami will upgrade its personnel evaluation department, with a General Manager type voice to work with the coach.

Wannstedt's fate is now solely in the hands of Huizenga and retaining Wannstedt would not come as a surprise. An upgrade at the head coaching spot may not be in the cards and there will not be a Steve Spurrier sighting in South Florida, not to coach the Dolphins we should say.

  • Speaking of Spurrier, the hype and news always follows the Ole' Ball-Coach, deserved or not. Posturing to the media leads us to believe Spurrier would walk, if he could receive a handsome payoff from team owner Daniel Snyder. But, until Spurrier can deflect the failure known as his reign in Washington, he is not going anywhere.
  • Discussions to revamp the coaching staff has come into play in recent weeks and Spurrier quietly has been open to changes within his staff, only if he has the final say on those changes. Snyder's main squeeze and wearer of many unqualified hats, Vinny Cerrato has been working between Spurrier and Snyder to improve the Redskins personnel issues and right the ship.

Right now, indications are Spurrier would welcome an opportunity to walk out the door, but not without a nice-payoff and an opportunity to clean and clear his reputation. Today Snyder may want Spurrier, tomorrow he may not, this is the way of Snyder.........But, one thing we can tell you is Cerrato is not fond of Spurrier and could be a factor in the game.

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