Ownership trial begins

The ownership trial between former Denver Broncos owner Edgar Kaiser and current team owner Pat Bowlen began Monday in U.S. District Court. Kaiser originally filed suit in 1999. Read about the opening arguments in today's news reports.

Broncos sale-pact trial opens - Denver Post - Kris Hudson
Tuesday, February 03, 2004 - Accusations flew like spiraling footballs on Monday as the trial pitting former Broncos owner Edgar Kaiser against current owner Pat Bowlen opened. After U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch and lawyers in the lawsuit selected a jury of eight women and four men, the two sides uncorked opening arguments loaded with allegations of deceit and greed-driven opportunism.

Trial begins in Broncos squabble - Rocky Mountain News - John Accola,
February 3, 2004 - It's the fourth quarter, and Canadian tycoon Edgar Kaiser is down to the final page of his playbook to win back a stake in the Denver Broncos. The trial between the former Denver Broncos owner and current team owner Pat Bowlen began Monday, with Kaiser's attorneys arguing that Bowlen orchestrated a secret scheme with his family's trust business to buy the franchise 20 years ago.

Broncos ownership trial watch - Rocky Mountain News - Clay Latimer
February 3, 2004 - Monday's action: Attorneys Stephen Long for plaintiff Edgar Kaiser and Daniel Reilly for defendant Pat Bowlen gave opening statements.

Adams: Ohio drives dot Elway's legacy - Rocky Mountain News - Sam Adams
February 3, 2004 - On his way to Canton, Ohio, for Pro Football's Hall of Fame, John Elway made a living off breaking football-shaped hearts in the Buckeye State. Some football fans might not realize it, but there's another twist to the Ohio script in the former Denver Broncos quarterback's football legacy.

The Super History of Number VII - DenverBroncos.com - James Merilatt
Sunday, February 1, 2004 - It was fitting that John Elway was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the Saturday before the Super Bowl. After all, no one player in the history of the sport better personifies the magnitude of the NFL's showcase game quite like No. 7. During his 16-year career, Elway started a record five Super Bowls -- meaning that he led his Denver Broncos to the league's championship game in nearly one-third of his seasons as the team's quarterback.

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