Sharpe close to deal with CBS

The hiring of Denver Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe is close to being a done deal according to various sources. Sharpe is being courted by CBS for their 'NFL Today' show to replace Deion Sanders, who couldn't agree on a contract extension with the network.

CBS believes it is close to making Sharpe deal - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
May 17, 2004 - News conferences involving Shannon Sharpe usually showcase an entertaining player who has the ability to move back and forth between being a stand-up guy and stand-up comedian. That deft blend of candor and humor, not to mention the Denver Broncos tight end's Hall of Fame statistical accomplishments, have made Sharpe a logical choice as a network television analyst once his on-field career ends.

Lincicome: Sharpe would only add to lip service - Rocky Mountain News - Bernie Lincicome
May 17, 2004 - I have not detected a great swell of concern over the uncertainty of Shannon Sharpe to play more football for the Broncos and then talk about it, or to talk about football and not bother playing it, or to simply keep talking and talking. Whether he does either of the first two, Sharpe certainly shall always be doing the third.

Sharpe expected to replace Sanders on 'NFL Today' - USA - Rudy Martzke
5/15/2004 2- Shannon Sharpe, eight-time Pro Bowl tight end for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, is expected to replace Deion Sanders on CBS' NFL Today studio show.Shannon Sharpe has long been considered a natural for television work.

Here's why Sharpe's most underappreciated Bronco - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Sunday, May 16, 2004 - Maybe it's the brashness. Maybe it's the motor mouth. Maybe it's the in-your-face cockiness. Maybe it's all that, plus the fact that he's an outspoken black athlete playing to a largely white city. Whatever the reason, Shannon Sharpe, in my book, is the most underappreciated Bronco. Think about it.

Gradishar experiences life in Iraq's war zone - Denver Post - Jim Armstrong
Sunday, May 16, 2004 - Randy Gradishar had worn shoulder pads countless times, but never a bulletproof vest. But then, he never had been in the middle of a war zone, either.

Sharpe in great shape for CBS gig - Denver Post - Jim Armstrong
Sunday, May 16, 2004 - Sorry, Bronco Nation, CBS doesn't stand for Can't Buy Sharpe. ... My favorite Shannon Sharpe line ever? "I was a terrible student. I graduated Thank You Lawde." ... No, it isn't a done deal. But here's all you need to know: The immortal Neil O'Donnell is Sharpe's main competition for the gig. ...

Crash course - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
May 15, 2004 - As a starting quarterback in NFL Europe, Jarious Jackson took some serious hits. Now the converted safety is looking forward to a little payback. So are his Denver Broncos teammates. "There's going to be some huge collisions," running back Mike Anderson said.

Chamberlain back with Broncos - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
May 15, 2004 - Byron Chamberlain has been called upon twice before to help fill the void created by Shannon Sharpe's absence. He might face that task once again this season.

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