Position changes critical in mini-camp

In the just concluded Denver Broncos mini-camp, one of the most closely watched developments was the progress of tackle Matt Lepsis. Lepsis is switching from right to left tackle. Read about how he is doing in today's news reports.

Going from right to left - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Sunday, June 13, 2004 - Matt Lepsis used to waltz. Now he must learn to tango. It's not easy to change steps in mid-career, but after five years as the Broncos' starting right tackle, Lepsis is learning to dance to the left.

Nobody's perfect: Call it 12-4 - Denver Post - Woody Paige
Sunday, June 13, 2004 - Upon further review, regardless of my prediction, as you might have detected, the Broncos did not finish 19-0 in 2003. My bad. Their worse. In point of fact, I was more than half right. The Broncos did start off 4-0 and could have won in Kansas City if the Mastermind hadn't been a complete knucklehead and punted to Dante Hall.

Salary cap: Why the NFL system works - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
June 13, 2004 - The salary cap seems so simple. Each of the NFL's 32 teams can spend X amount ($80.582 million for 2004) per season on player salaries. Which means there are no haves (see Yankees, New York) or have-nots (see Penguins, Pittsburgh) like in other major professional sports leagues. The franchises that spend X amount the wisest, assuming they are also draft savvy and blessed with good fortune relative to injuries, should have a chance to win a Super Bowl.

Trick play lifts Thunder to World title - Denver Post
Sunday, June 13, 2004 - Wide receiver Richard Alston threw a 60-yard touchdown pass to Chas Gessner on a trick play Saturday, helping the Berlin Thunder beat the Frankfurt Galaxy 30-24 to win a wild World Bowl XII in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The Thunder matched the league mark for best record, finishing 10-1.

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