Judge inclined to let Kaiser buy 10% of Broncos

A federal judge is inclined to allow former Denver Broncos owner Edgar Kaiser the same opportunity to buy a 10% share of the team that John Elway was given in 1998. Read the latest on the Broncos ownership dispute in today's news briefs.

Judge eyes 10% stake in Broncos as fair remedy - Rocky Mountain New - John Accola
June 30, 2004 - A federal judge said Canadian businessman Edgar Kaiser should have the same $15 million buying opportunity that former quarterback John Elway had in 1998 to become a minority owner of the Denver Broncos. More than four months after a jury determined Kaiser was cheated out of his right to become a team owner, U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch offered a "workable remedy" Tuesday to determine how Kaiser should be compensated.

Judge gives Kaiser hope in ownership battle - Daily Camera - Associated Press
June 30, 2004 - A federal judge on Tuesday said he was inclined to allow the former owner of the Denver Broncos to buy back a stake of the team under the terms of an offer made to quarterback great John Elway in 1998, lawyers on both sides said. U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch gave lawyers 45 days to submit their plan that would settle Edgar Kaiser Jr.'s assertion that he be allowed to buy a 10 percent stake in the team for $15 million.

Brandon Miree: A Desire to Achieve Big Dreams - DenverBroncos.com - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - One way or another, rookie running back Brandon Miree wants the world to someday know his name for something wonderful. Maybe it will be as a running back in the NFL, and perhaps Miree can become the next unheralded Broncos draftee to evolve into a long-term contributor to the club. Or perhaps it could be in Hollywood, if he eventually has the opportunity to pursue his other dream of becoming a screenwriter. Either way, he'll just be following the advice his mother shared years ago -- and, he hopes, doing her proud along the way.

Rookies take time out for kids - NFL.com - Tom Shanahan
June 30, 2004 - Married athlete Jeff Shoate was the fifth-round draft pick by the Denver Broncos as a cornerback out of San Diego State. Shoate, who has a young son, said the NFL's personal conduct lessons had a family side to them that some people may have overlooked absorbing.

Elway Through the Years: 1993 - DenverBroncos.com - James Merilatt
Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - It was the dawning of a new age in Denver. The year was 1993. After 12 seasons in the Mile High City - a dozen years that had resulted in 110 wins, four AFC Championship Game appearances and three trips to the Super Bowl - head coach Dan Reeves was let go following the Broncos '92 campaign. In his stead, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was promoted as the man to guide the orange and blue. And the new coach had one very clear mission - build the team around John Elway.

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