Broncos News Briefs - Thursday, July 8

Read about cornerback Champ Bailey's adjustment to playing for the Denver Broncos in today's news reports.

Bailey Learns to Play By New Rules - - Andrew Mason
Thursday, July 8, 2004 - Champ Bailey knew that coming to Denver would require a series of adjustments -- buying a new home, absorbing a new defensive scheme, inhaling less air per breath. Those were changes he could prepare for in advance of his first practices in his new surroundings. But there was something he couldn't grasp until he actually stepped onto the field.

Santonio Beard: Back on the Right Track - - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, July 6, 2004 - There is one Nashville that the world knows. It is the booming, cosmopolitan Southern metropolis known as a regional center of finance and the global hub of country and contemporary Christian music, with sounds from the city spreading via CD to distant corners of the world. Then there is the Nashville with which Broncos running back Santonio Beard became intimately acquainted during his childhood days -- the Nashville outsiders never see.

Elway Through the Years: 1994 - - James Merilatt
Wednesday, July 7, 2004 - Heading into the 1994 season, there were high hopes for the Broncos in Denver. It had been five years since the team had made a trip to the Super Bowl, but talk of returning to the NFL's biggest dance had crept back into the water cooler dialogue around town. Most of the optimism stemmed from the Broncos now vaunted offense. In their first year under head coach Wade Phillips and offensive coordinator Jim Fassel, the Broncos had turned into a juggernaut. Throwing the ball all over the field, Denver had eclipsed the 4,000-yard passing plateau for the first time in franchise history. And heading into year two of their regime, it appeared as though the Broncos 1993 success was just the tip of the iceberg.

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