Broncos News Briefs - Thursday, July 15

Check out an opinion on the fantasy football stock of the Denver Broncos' new tight end, Jed Weaver, in today's news reports.

Training Camp Preview: Defensive Backs - - Andrew Mason
Thursday, July 15, 2004 - Since 2001, Denver's defense mastered the art of being good -- very good. Not since the heyday of the Orange Crush (1976-78) had the Broncos ranked in the league's top 10 defenses for three straight years until the team's most recent campaigns. For the past three years, Denver's defense has been among the league's best, and has improved relative to the rest of the league each season, from No. 24 in 2000 to No. 8 a year later, sixth in 2002 and fourth last fall. Spearheading the improvement was the team's pass defense, which rose from 17th to sixth on the league tables in spite of boasting two first-year starters at cornerback for most of the season.

Wild AFC West will showcase firepower -
July 15, 2004 - The Broncos were involved in a rare blockbuster NFL trade -- running back Clinton Portis for cornerback Champ Bailey -- and might very well have gotten the better of it. Portis is a tremendous talent, but the Broncos' long history of running the ball successfully with a variety of backs is impossible to ignore. Somehow, you have to believe that, through know-how and commitment, they will find a way to put together a productive ground attack from among second-year man Quentin Griffin, veteran Garrison Hearst and rookie Tatum Bell. But coming up with one of the league's foremost shutdown corners is another matter. It was a gutsy move that could pay huge dividends because Bailey not only can minimize the effectiveness of the opponent's best receiver, he can free up safeties and linebackers to be involved in blitzing and other coverage.

Bulls and bears of fantasy football - - Ryan "The Warden" Houston
Thursday July 15, 2004 - Just like Fantasy Football, Wall Street is full of prognosticators who collect random statistics, articles and predictions to formulate a strategy based on everything from astrology to technical analysis. Fantasy football follows the same type of strategy where as we take into account several hundreds of resources to provide us the same take on bullish or bearish opinions.

Elway Through the Years: 1995 - Denver - James Merilatt
Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - In 1993 and &rsquo94, the Denver Broncos posted offensive numbers unlike anything the franchise had ever seen. For two years, they had rewritten the team's record book &ndash passing and running their way to gaudy statistics. But for all the fireworks, the Broncos had failed to translate offensive production into success in the standings. Over two seasons, Denver had gone a combined 16-16 - fairly mediocre by any standard. As a result, the team made a coaching chance in the offseason. Wade Phillips was out. Mike Shanahan was in.

Training Camp Preview: Linebackers - - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - From 1996 until 2001, changes at linebacker were infrequent. Bill Romanowski and John Mobley manned the vast majority of the games at the two outside linebacker slots, with only Mobley enduring any kind of extended absence due to his 1999 knee injury. There was a little more change in the middle, where Allen Aldridge and Glenn Cadrez were among those to start, but that stabilized with the first-round selection of Al Wilson in 1999; he became the starter after Cadrez moved to the outside to replace Mobley. Five years later, Wilson has a pair of Pro Bowl appearances and, this offseason, he signed a long-term contract to keep him in Denver for the next few years.

Battling all-sports TV stations in the Mile High City - Sports Business News
July 14, 2004 - Battling all-sports TV stations in the Mile High CityFox Sports Net Rocky Mountain's blockbuster TV-rights deal last week with the Colorado Rockies signals a new phase in the network's competition against an upstart channel formed by sports mogul Stan Kroenke. With the Rockies under contract until 2014, most of the major sports programming in the Denver area is locked up for the foreseeable future. Now, competition between the networks increasingly will move toward luring viewers and talent, landing advertising and building relevance in a city that, some industry watchers say, might not be big enough to support two regional sports channels.

Training Camp Preview: Defensive Line - - Andrew Mason
Monday, July 12, 2004 - For defensive end Reggie Hayward, the time to blossom is now. The Broncos possess known quantities all around the defensive line; fellow linemen Trevor Pryce and Luther Elliss have been to Pro Bowls in the past four years. Defensive tackles Mario Fatafehi and Darius Holland held down the interior fort through most of the 2003 season, while newcomers Marco Coleman and Raylee Johnson bring a collective 24 seasons&rsquo worth of experience to the mix.

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