Broncos News Briefs - Saturday, July 24

Denver Broncos defensive end Trevor Pryce has spent the off-season getting thinner, yet heavier and hopes to also have improved his mental approach. Learn more about Pryce and also read a unit by unit position analysis in today's news stories.

Gut check - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
July 24, 2004 - Trevor Pryce may have discovered the holy grail vs. the bathroom scale. Eat, then eat some more. Then buy a new wardrobe because the old one has been rendered useless. Granted, it doesn't seem like much of a diet, until you consider his clothes are too loose, not too tight. "I'm getting thinner, but I'm getting heavier," the four-time Pro Bowl defensive lineman said, beaming.

Turf wars - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
July 24, 2004 - When two-a-days start Wednesday, it will be a battle for positions. Read a unit by unit overview.

Search for star power - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
July 24, 2004 - No Clinton Portis. No Shannon Sharpe. No Ed McCaffrey. That's a lot of yards, and even more style points to lose in one off-season. It's likely Denver won't match the sound bytes provided by such players, even if it somehow is able to replace the yardage, touchdowns and clutch performances. Quentin Griffin is too quiet and Garrison Hearst too wary to provide the star power of a Portis, so it might be up to Tatum Bell to bring back the swagger in the backfield. Darius Watts' engaging smile and sense of humor provide promise at receiver. But the two players who might have to be most responsible in the short term for electrifying Denver crowds are Jake Plummer, who failed to toss a fourth-quarter TD pass last season, and Ashley Lelie, who his coach called a talented underachiever.

A marriage of sports, suds - Rocky Mountain News - Darrell Proctor
July 24, 2004 - Coors is the official beer of the National Football League. Molson, not surprisingly, has its hands all over hockey. Separately, each has carved a niche in the sports world. And analysts and company executives say their combined company is likely to be even more aggressive when it comes to sponsorships and other marketing opportunities.

Training Camp Preview: Tight Ends - Denver - Andrew Mason
Friday, July 23, 2004 - In terms of conversation volume, Denver's tight ends might be quieter this year. But when collective production is measured, recent history shows that Denver's tight ends might be more productive without Shannon Sharpe than with the future Hall of Famer at the position. In 2000 and 2001, when the Broncos did without Sharpe and utilized a rotation including Desmond Clark, Dwayne Carswell and Byron Chamberlain (in 2000 only), Broncos tight ends grabbed 202 passes for 2,111 yards and 20 touchdowns. During the two years after Sharpe returned, the team's tight ends had 39 fewer receptions, 323 fewer yards and five fewer touchdowns.

Steve Antonopulos Answers Your Questions! - - Andrew Mason
Friday, July 23, 2004 - This week's Q&A is with Denver's Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos. The training staff on any athletic team plays a huge role in helping players with injuries heal and work to get back on the field. With training camp opening next week, a new season will commence. Camp presents unique challenges as there is an expanded number of players who are vying for roster spots, two-a-day practices and the heat of summer. Because of this, it is a time when players become more susceptible to injuries. Antonopulos and his staff work with the players in camp and throughout the season to help keep them healthy so that they will be able to perform at their best on the field.

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