Respecting Your Elders

Rookies rise to the challenge as Training Camp wraps up it's second day.

It's day two of training camp and you can feel the pressure. The team as a whole is stepping things up. Individual players are trying to prove that they are the best choice as one of the chosen picked for the 53 spots on the Broncos roster.

As a rookie it may seem like a challenge going up against the likes of veteran players such as Jake Plummer, Rod Smith, Tom Nalen and Jason Elam to name a few. On the other hand, things are not as challenging and overwhelming when compared to the valuable lessons that these rookies will learn from their veteran teammates.

Darius Watts, a star as a wide receiver in his final two years at Marshall, posted 71 and 74 catches for 1,030 and 968 yards and caught 23 touchdown passes. With great displays of athleticism during the training camp practices every one on and off the field can see Darius Watts future capabilities. "He's a dangerous rookie, a lot of people are going to really sleep on him, and he's going to surprise some people. He's good. And he knows it. I know it. I talk to him a lot about things he can work on. But he's so raw, he can only get better." Champ Bailey said. In reply Watts stated, "Champ's a great player, and he can do nothing but make me get better. We're going to be going at it all year."

Bradlee Van Pelt former Colorado State University quarterback is also getting advice from teammates. "Cecil [Sapp] and I have chatted a few times, and he has informed me that when coming to training camp, you've got to go all out, don't be "Mr. Nice Guy", don't go out and try to help the veterans. Go out for yourself and experience and take it in because sometimes as a rookie you get caught wandering. Just stay focused, man." Van Pelt said. When asked if he felt any pressure going up against guys like Jake Plummer and Danny Kanell, Van Pelt stated, "I didn't expect to come in here and be treated any better than I have been. I've been treated really good, but watching Jake and Danny, that is what I am here to do. I am here to pick their brains and I'll get my opportunity, but I don't expect it right away."

With day three of training camp just around the corner, the Rookies realize that if they want to keep their football dreams alive, they need to listen to their veteran teammates and put their game face on.

(This story was compiled with the help of Broncos beat reporter Maiysha Smith)

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