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Cornerback Lenny Walls, Defensive Tackle Dorsett Davis and rookie Running Back Tatum Bell become the first casualties of Broncos Training Camp

In life we take risks and with those risks come consequences. For an athlete every action, play or event in their sport can lead to potential risks and injuries. It's only day four of training camp and the injured list is already stacking up. In just a month the ninety Broncos hopefuls will be cut down to 65 and you can feel the pressure.

Through watching the player's agility and performance while testing their determination, focus and strength Coach Shanahan is looking for those players that are going to step up to prove that they can be the best for themselves and fellow teammates. Unfortunately with those tasks, injuries are right around the corner.

After day two of training camp, cornerback Lenny Walls had an MRI exam which revealed torn cartilage in his right ankle. Walls will need to have surgery which will leave him out for at least three weeks.

Coach Shanahan said, "We're glad we had the MRI done quickly. We could wait a couple of days, but talking to the doctor, he says, 'It has to be done, or it would be a nagging injury throughout the season." When asked how quickly Walls would recover, Shanahan stated "The operation should be quick. It should be a very small hole, he'll be in a boot for a couple of days and then he'll be back to conditioning."

Then came day three, when defensive tackle Dorsett Davis underwent surgery for a torn tendon in his left pinkie finger. Dorsett will be out for the whole season. Coach Shanahan noted, "If you don't get it fixed right away, you lose the finger very quickly, because of the lack of blood going to the finger, It's normally a recovery time of about three-and-a-half months before he can even practice, so therefore, he's gone for the season." He also added, "It's really tough on Dorsett because he had a heck of an off-season program, he's worked extremely hard. Now one of these younger guys is going to have to step in and pick it up."

With the loss of linebacker John Mobley, along with the other team injuries one would think what else could happen? After missing the first three days of practice with the Broncos, Tatum Bell finally signed his contract late Friday night. "We're glad to have this deal done," General Manager Ted Sundquist said. "We're excited to see what he'll do on the field for us this year, and look forward to having him on the practice field among our running backs."

However, soon after this afternoon's practice began, Bell fractured his right middle finger. "He just hit somebody's helmet," Coach Shanahan said. "I'm not sure exactly what drill it was, but it's a pretty good-sized fracture." When asked when Bell would be returning on the field, Shanahan said "It all depends on how bad it is. You never know if he's going to have pins put in it or do they just set it in a splint, how long it will be. Those are questions I can't answer at this time. It's all different when you've got a fracture, which looks like it's a pretty good fracture," Shanahan said. "I hate to say one way or another until I talk with (the doctors)."

Other injuries that the Broncos have occurred include Jeremy LeSueur, who sat out Saturday morning's practice with a hip that was "a little bit sore," Shanahan said ... Defensive tackle Luther Elliss and cornerback Scott Turner did not dress; Turner came up limping slightly after a pass play in Friday afternoon's session. Nick Eason left Saturday afternoon's practice with dehydration. "He got a couple of liters of fluid, and it was more preventative than anything else," Shanahan said, adding that he expects Eason to practice when the team returns Monday after a Sunday respite from the field.

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