Training camp news briefs - Sunday, August 1

Champ Bailey is already verifying his status as a shut-down corner. The new Denver Broncos secondary player has been drawing rave reviews from other players and coaches in training camp. Also in today's news - Tatum Bell is one and out after suffering a finger injury during his first practice.

Shut 'em down - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Sunday, August 01, 2004 - Ashley Lelie shook his head and flashed a wry smile. What else could he do? The young wide receiver had put his best moves on Champ Bailey, but somehow Bailey recovered, caught Lelie, and with a flick of his hands stole the football. If they showed highlights of the first week of Broncos training camp, that play would be the feature presentation.

The modern meets olden - Denver Post - Anthony Cotton
Sunday, August 01, 2004 - Pro football's Hall of Fame is a pack rat's nirvana. There are programs from nearly every game ever played. That's 84 years worth of NFL programs. There is a copy of just about every book written on the game. There are more throwback jerseys than would ever fit in Carmelo Anthony's closet. There's even the case used to hold the contact lenses of the first player to wear them in league history.

Bell sidelined abruptly - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, August 01, 2004 - Broncos rookie running back Tatum Bell's first day of training camp turned out to be his last for a while. During a supposedly insignificant punt drill that turned into the most significant play through four days of training camp, Bell got his right middle finger caught in safety Nick Ferguson's jersey. The finger fractured - "a pretty good-sized fracture," according to coach Mike Shanahan, who did not want to speculate on how long Bell would be out until doctors examined the X-rays.

More time on field wears on Eason - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Sunday, August 01, 2004 - Last year, Denver defensive tackle Nick Eason left training camp voluntarily. This year he left involuntarily - by ambulance. Saturday morning, an ambulance rushed Eason from Invesco Field at Mile High to St. Anthony's Hospital, where doctors treated him for dehydration. "He got a couple of liters of fluid, which is more preventative than anything," coach Mike Shanahan said.

Hall weekend puts spotlight on Canton - Denver Post - Anthony Cotton
Sunday, August 01, 2004 - While there may be many lascivious stories about life in these parts, they shall not be repeated here, lest we break the local rule: "What happens in Canton stays in Canton." This has been the case since June 1918, when Socialist Eugene Debs, much to the locals' chagrin, was jailed for giving what was perceived as an anti-war speech. From that time on, the legend goes, those wishing to bring attention to themselves - "showoffs" in the local parlance - have been advised to take their act to Columbus, home of Ohio State University, some 102 miles to the southwest.

Dove Valley days - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Sunday, August 01, 2004 - The Broncos' morning practice Saturday, at Invesco Field at Mile High, was the most spirited of training camp. Two players stole the show. One was strong safety John Lynch, who decked rookie wide receiver Darius Watts. The fans at Invesco Field ate it up. The other was rookie wide receiver Triandos Luke. He caught two touchdown passes in full- team drills. One came on a crossing pattern in the end zone from rookie Matt Mauck, the other on a long throw from veteran Jake Plummer.

Bell breaks finger on first day - Daily Camera - Kyle Ringo
August 1, 2004 - It's probably too early to call it the Clinton Portis curse, but Tatum Bell might want to reconsider wearing Portis' old No. 26. Bell, the Denver Broncos' second-round draft pick, signed his first professional contract Saturday and reported for duty after a three-day holdout.

Champ no chump - Greeley Tribune - Matt Schuman
August 1, 2004 - As Champ Bailey walked off the field Saturday morning at Invesco Field at Mile High, it was clear which player is the most popular with the fans. Shouts of "Champ, Champ" resonated through the crowd of 200 fans at the stands in the southwest corner of the end zone as Bailey strolled up to them after the first of three training camp practices at Invesco Field. It's the kind of attention from Broncos fans that Bailey doesn't mind, the kind where he doesn't mind being noticed. "I can't wait for that first game to really get started and feel the energy of that stadium filled up," Bailey said.

Rookie RB Bell greeted by boos at first practice -
Saturday July 31, 2004 - Tatum Bell trotted out to lead stretches in his first practice with the Denver Broncos and was promptly booed by his teammates. The rookie knew it was mostly in jest, but he also understands there was some truth behind it. After holding out the first three days of Broncos training camp because of a contract dispute, Bell knows he has a lot of catching up to do. "It killed me every day just seeing the news and reading newspapers," Bell said Saturday. "While my teammates were grinding it out, I'm still home in the bed."

Training Camp Day 4: Bell Fractures Middle Finger - - Andrew Mason
Saturday, July 31, 2004 - Tatum Bell's day started with a warm welcome from the fans gathered for the morning practice inside INVESCO Field at Mile High. It ended with the cold reality of his first professional injury. Bell left Saturday afternoon's special-teams practice with a fractured right middle finger. "He just hit somebody's helmet," Head Coach Mike Shanahan said. "I'm not sure exactly what drill it was, but it's a pretty good-sized fracture." Shanahan didn't know when Bell could be able to return.

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