Diamond In The Rough

Rookie Darius Watts continus to prove himself as the Denver Broncos newest "Diamond in the Rough."

It's week two and day two of training camp, the morning started off calm and cool. A few moments later, things began to heat up on the field. One could see the intensity and seriousness in each of the plays as the players demonstrated their offensive and defensive skills.

With Ashley Lelie missing practice both yesterday and today due to a sore back, wide receiver Darius Watts, a rookie from Marshall, had his chance to shine. Watts pulled in several successful catches from quarterback Jake Plummer, and made another grab after he "shook off," cornerback Wille Middlebrooks' attempted tackle. With fans on the sidelines and in the bleachers, cheers and support could be heard from every angle, "Whoa, did you see that!?! Way to go Darius! That's my man!"

Triandos Luke, a rookie wide receiver from Alabama, also had a great start to practice this morning, making a catch that was almost intercepted by cornerback rookie Jeff Shoate. "I'll tell you what, the guy that's really opened my eyes is Triandos Luke, he's catching every thing now," Cornerback Champ Bailey said. "When we went through mini-camp, he looked like a rookie. Now he's looking more like a guy that knows what he's doing. He looks confident and is catching everything that's coming to him. You can't ask for much more from a rookie that you just drafted than to improve like he's improving."

Safety Kenoy Kennedy made a terrific defensive move by intercepting a catch that was meant for Nate Jackson.

The rookies received words of encouragement from fellow teammates, fans and coaches. Quarterback Jake Plummer stated, "Right now, they have impressed me. They're some guys that are doing some good things."

Later Plummer stated, "Overall, they have been very impressive. If they continue to get better as a unit, we will be all right."

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