Broncos get flagged

The Denver Broncos learned about rule changes and "points of emphasis" in Thursday's practice session. Read about it in today's news reports. Also - John Elway's drive to fame as his HOF induction nears.

Brown offers veteran skills - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Friday, August 06, 2004 - Standing on the sideline Thursday at Denver's training camp, "Monday Night Football" analyst John Madden eyed the same group of rookie wide receivers the Broncos have praised this summer and will be depending on this winter. "These young receivers may come along for the Broncos. But until they do, it's pretty good to have insurance. That's what Tim Brown would be," Madden said.

Kubiak impressed with wide receivers - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Friday, August 06, 2004 - Maybe Darius Watts will be different. Or perhaps Triandos Luke will play long and prosper. The Broncos hope so. They need a good, young wide receiver to back up starters Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie. They've needed one for a long time.

Pierce adjusts to strong side - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Friday, August 06, 2004 - Terry Pierce used to be a Mike, now he's a Sam. It's a transformation the second-year linebacker from Kansas State gladly made this season with an eye toward getting more playing time. Pierce heads into Monday's opening preseason game against Washington as the No. 2 strongside (Sam) linebacker behind former Colorado Buffaloes standout Jashon Sykes. But Pierce has been getting plenty of reps with the first-team defense and is pushing Sykes for the starting job.

A veteran receives his new role - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
August 6, 2004 - No, Rod Smith hasn't waited for this chance, but he has seen it coming. The more time that passes, the more players who come and go, the more Smith expects of himself when there isn't a football cradled under his arm. Because while the heart that beats beneath the Broncos defense is that of linebacker Al Wilson, the soul of the Denver offense just might be Smith.

Drive for fame - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
August 6, 2004 - There might have been early debate about whether John Elway would achieve greatness, but never a question about his pursuit. From Elway's high school days in Granada Hills, Calif., when he first put his slingshot arm on display, and throughout his distinguished college career at Stanford University, he strived to someday be considered the best quarterback ever to strap on shoulder pads. That ambition was his driving force - part of lofty expectations that spoke to his competitive zeal and inner faith in his prodigious talent. And he never wavered from that chase once he turned pro with the Denver Broncos.

Brandon determined to survive - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
August 6, 2004 - Defensive coordinator Larry Coyer and defensive backs coach David Gibbs are busy teaching in front of a Denver Broncos meeting room full of safeties and cornerbacks. Sam Brandon casts his eyes toward the seat next to him, where veteran John Lynch is scribbling notes, and Brandon strains himself with a sideways glance.

Possibility of adding Brown piques Broncos - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
August 6, 2004 - Any courtship between veteran wide receiver Tim Brown and the Denver Broncos wouldn't begin until next week. Brown, who was formally released by the Oakland Raiders on Thursday morning, has told several people in the league he wants to "take a few days" before making a decision about where he would play in the upcoming season.

Broncos camp report, August 6 - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
August 6, 2004 - Thursday was flag day for the Broncos, at least in the morning workout. Referee Mike Carey and his crew were in attendance to present some of the rules changes as well as the officials' "points of emphasis" for the coming season.

Elway never considered not inviting Dan Reeves - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 6, 2004 - The argument will heat up this weekend as the Pro Football Hall of Fame initiates another member into Canton's exclusive quarterback club. Who's the best to ever take a snap? Johnny Unitas? Joe Montana? John Elway? The latter, who will become the first Denver Bronco enshrined on Sunday, was thinking about a different list as he started making plans after being voted to receive his Hall pass on Jan. 31.

Illegal contact has CBs cringing - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 6, 2004 - Paul Tagliabue is still in charge but to NFL defensive backs it feels more like your fantasy football league commissioner is making the rules. On Thursday a veteran officiating crew visited the Denver Broncos' training camp to make it clear that the illegal contact rule will be strictly enforced this season. During the morning scrimmage the flags were flying every time a defensive player put a fingerprint on a receiver down field.

Plummer looks to build on last season - Mercury News - Frank Schwab
Thu, Aug. 05, 2004 - Life with the Denver Broncos is easy for Jake Plummer, at least compared to a year ago. Plummer has proven himself in Denver to an extent. He came in last season as an enigma, either a good quarterback for a poor Arizona Cardinals team or simply a poor quarterback, but showed he was worthy of the Broncos' faith. Plummer went 9-2 as a starter in the regular season and was efficient, throwing 15 touchdowns to seven interceptions. "He played extremely well (last season)," offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak said. "I think he can be a lot better and I think he feels the same way. I just think you're going to see a more relaxed guy." Plummer enters this season as more of a proven commodity, with a firm knowledge of the offense and a little less pressure. Plummer said he noticed the difference.

DB Bailey wants to also play WR -
Aug. 5, 2004 - Receiver Tim Brown might not have to fret for long before he finds a new team, as the Denver Broncos and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are both reportedly interested in the 16-year veteran. Brown, 38, says he's not ready to retire despite being cut by the Raiders on Thursday. According to ESPN, Denver coach Mike Shanahan might offer Brown the No. 3 receiver spot. The Broncos coach, who has no love for the Raiders after once being fired by Oakland owner Al Davis, would surely love to use the revenge angle and sign Brown.

Released Raiders receiver has options - - Len Pasquarelli
Thursday, August 5 - Cut loose by the Oakland Raiders Thursday after 16 seasons, wide receiver Tim Brown definitely wants to play at least one more season, and it appears the third-leading pass-catcher in NFL history will have little problem securing a job. Even before Brown was officially released, potential suitors were lining up, making known their intentions, both overtly and subtly, to consider pursuing him. Brown said Wednesday he will "take a few days" to mull over his future, but he figures to have some options. Among those interested is Denver. The opportunity to finish off his Hall of Fame career in the AFC West, with the prospect of playing against the Raiders twice annually, could be appealing.

Training Camp Day 8: Officially Licensed - - Andrew Mason
Thursday, August 5, 2004 - Champ Bailey, Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie were among the Broncos who witnessed Thursday morning's practice from the sidelines. But in terms of impact, their on-field absence was more than balanced out by the presence of Mike Carey, Dan Ferrell, Tom Fincken and Steve Stelljes. If their names don't ring a bell, their clothing does -- the wide, black-and-white stripes of the NFL official's uniform. The quartet of officials watched and corrected throughout the morning practice, an annual event for the Broncos other NFL teams as the referees get back into gear while the players become acclimated to rules changes.

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