Staying Focused

Wide receiver Ashley Lelie returns to practice as Darius Watts is sidelined during Thursday's practice.

Raring to go after missing a few practices, (due to back problems), Ashley Lelie returned to the field this morning making noteworthy plays and catches. "He had a good practice," said Coach Shanahan. "He looked like he was in good shape and ready to go."

"I felt pretty good, it's sore but I can definitely play through it, and that's the point I was trying to get to." Lelie stated. "It was hard watching other receivers make plays and not being able to be out there. It was hard watching your teammates go through hell and you're just out on the side. You get that feeling that you want to get out there and be a part of that."

After practice was over, Ashley Lelie displayed his dedication to the game by practicing his catches.

"I do it just to get the feel of the ball," he explained. "I don't really get enough touches in practice because of all the reps we have to go through with a lot of the young guys. So I use the machine to get my hands used to catching different balls in different positions."

Rookie wide receiver, Darius Watts missed practice this morning due to shoulder inflammation.

"I fell on it during Thursday's practice. I still have a little problem with it, but it feels a little better than it did. I just landed on it trying to stay in bounds I kind of dove on it. Somebody tackled me on my shoulder before, but I've never fell on it on my own and hurt myself," Watts said.

Even with minor soreness, Darius Watts is confident that he'll be on the field next Monday for the Hall of Fame Game when the Broncos open the preseason against the Washington Redskins.

"I still think I can play in Monday night," he said. "I think I'm going to see what I can do today at the afternoon practice and take it from there."

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