Mike Shanahan Transcript

Read what head coach Mike Shanahan had to say following Thursday morning's practice at Dove Valley.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan
(Morning practice 8/12/04)

On the performance of WR Nate Jackson this morning
"He made a couple nice plays out there.He's doing a good job competing. We've got a lot of competition there. We've got four preseason games left, so we've got a lot of evaluation to do. Hopefully he steps up and plays well." 

On the practice expectations he has of RB Tatum Bell, who returned after fracturing his right middle finger
"Obviously, he can only use one hand catching the ball. We still want him to go through his routes, and we're not expecting him to catch the ball right now. In fact, we don't even care if uses his other hand. He's getting a chance to run the football. He's getting a lot of reps in practice, so when his hand does feel better, he'll fit right in." 

On the status of WR Darius Watts, who has been hampered by a inflammation in his right shoulder
"Good. He could have gone today. I just thought an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. It's (shoulder) been a little bit sore. He's a tough guy. He wants to practice, but he will be able to go tomorrow." 

On the training camp performance of DE Trevor Pryce
"Trevor is having a good camp. He had a great off-season program. He made a couple big plays out there today…so far so good."

On Bills QB Drew Bledsoe, whom the Broncos will face Sunday
"Drew is obviously a quarterback who has a lot of talent. He sees the field extremely well and has one of the strongest arms in the National Football League. At his height, it's easy for him to see coverages and make quick reads. It looks like they've really upgraded their talent, and they have a good supporting cast."

 On the training camp performance of TE Byron Chamberlain
"I think he's making strides throughout camp. He's got his weight down, which is a big plus for him. He came in at 242 (pounds). If he can keep that under 250, it's a big plus for him. I see him starting to get his legs back. A lot of these guys, they lose their legs after a week-10 days. It's nice to see them start to get their legs back. They are starting to look a little bit more fresh and starting to do some things that you hoped they could do." 

On the veteran depth at the tight end position
"It just happened that way. With Shannon Sharpe, you know obviously we knew we were going to lose Shannon. So we were going to have two or three veterans that were going to come in and compete at that position. Once we lost Shannon, now we are trying to find out who's our first, second, and third team guys are going to be." 

On addressing the number of penalties Denver had in Monday night's game against Washington
"Well, first of all we always stress penalties. In fact they (officials) missed a lot of penalties too, and some of the penalties they called were bad calls. We go with just not the penalties that they called, but the penalties that they missed. We try to be pretty tough on ourselves in the preseason and talk about the things they could have called. We'll emphasize it in practice and hopefully we'll get a little bit better."

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