Broncos - Wired for Sound

The Denver Broncos will be featured as part of a unique television special to be aired on the NFL Network this Sunday night. The program will allow viewers a taste of what it's like to be on the sidelines and locker rooms of an NFL game.

Ever wonder what it's like to be on the sidelines of an NFL game?

If you're fortunate enough to subscribe to the NFL Network you'll get a small taste of what it's like this Sunday when the network will feature a replay of the Denver Broncos - Buffalo Bills contest.

The game will be unique in television history as it will contain no announcers, relying strictly on audio from the field, sidelines and locker rooms.

 NFL Network put microphones on 16 different players and coaches in the game, the most ever in one NFL contest, and will air the announcer-free game in a one-hour program entitled Special Edition Game of the Week: Sounds of the Game on Sunday, August 22 at 8:00 PM ET.

Instead of letting announcers guide the flow of the game, the story and drama of the contest will emanate from the players and coaches who are equipped with tiny microphones.  Thirteen players, the two head coaches and a coordinator were wired for the game.

Broncos that were wired for sound include Jake Plummer, Rod Smith and rookie quarterback Matt Mauck.

The concept of airing a game without announcers is not totally unique. On December 20, 1980, NBC televised the New York Jets at Miami Dolphins game, and with no playoff implications on either side, NBC decided to let the sounds from the stands and the PA announcer serve as the sole audio. No players were miked.  Announcer Dick Enberg set the scene for viewers at the beginning of each quarter.

Though the NBC game was the first to air without announcers, NFL Network's version will be the first to air featuring sounds from the players and coaches only – something that was not part of the 1980 Jets-Dolphins game.

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