Broncos - Seahawks Gameday

Denver grabs its first win of the preseason with a 19-3 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Check out our complete game notes and statistics from tonight's contest.

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks
QWEST Stadium
Seattle, Washington





Denver 0 6 3 10 19
Seattle 0 3 0 0 3

Scoring Summary:
DENVER - Jason Elam, 29-yard field goal DRIVE: 13-Plays, 67-yards
SEATTLE - Josh Brown, 28-yard field goal DRIVE: 5-plays, 50-yards
DENVER - Jason Elam, 35-yard field goal DRIVE: 8-Plays, 37-yards
DENVER - Jason Elam, 37-yard field goal DRIVE: 12-Plays, 65-yards
DENVER - Mike Anderson, 7-yard run DRIVE: 6-Plays, 69-yards
DENVER - Jason Elam, 32-yard field goal DRIVE: 10-Plays, 28-yards

Broncos Final Stats:  






J.Plummer 12/21 103 0 0
D. Kanell 5/12 80 0 0
M. Mauck 0/1 0 0 0







M. Anderson 21 120 1 14
Q. Griffin 14 55 0 18
G. Hearst 2 15 0 9
J. Plummer 4 10 0 5
S. Beard 2 6 0 5







D. Watts 5 72 0 46
R. Smith 3 37 0 16
A. Lelie 2 23 0 13
P. Hape 1 1 0 14
R. Droughns 2 12 0 7
C. Adams 1 8 0 8
T. Luke 1 8 0 8
M. Anderson 1 7 0 7
B. Johnson 1 5 0 5
Q. Griffin 1 2 0 2


Game Notes:
The offensive struggles continue as the Broncos stall out on their first three offensive drives. The intensity has improved over the past two games but the results remain the same. Quarterback Jake Plummer still seems a bit unsure under center but he avoids any interceptions, and does connect with Rod Smith for a 12-yard gain and Ashley Lelie for 13-yards. The defense shines against Seattle's first unit, limiting the Seahawks to only two first downs, one of which came by way of an illegal contact penalty on Raylee Johnson. END OF 1st. QTR.

Broncos finally get on the board on their initial drive of the second quarter as Jason Elam connects from 29-yards, capping off a 13-play, 67-yard drive. The drive featured an 1-yard run by Quinten Griffin and back to back runs by Mike Anderson, totaling 14-yards.

Seattle rebounds quick under second-string quarterback Seneca Wallace, who leads the team on a 5-play, 50-yard drive, with Josh Brown connecting on a 28-yard field goal to tie the game at 3-3. 

Reuben Droughns takes Seattle's kickoff on the Broncos goal line and returns the kick to the 46-yard line, setting up the offense in excellent field position. Plummer responds by hitting 4 of 7 passes for 37-yards, setting up Elam's second field goal of the game, and Denver holds a 6-3 advantage as the first half closes.  END OF 2nd. QTR.

Game Notes: (cont.)
Once again the defensive unit comes up strong, holding Seattle scoreless on their first drive of the second half.

After a Seahawk punt pins the Broncos back on their own 16-yard line, Danny Kanell and the second-string take over, moving the ball effectively with a series of runs by Mike Anderson and Garrison Hearst, mixed in with pass receptions by Anderson, Darius Watts and Triandos Luke. The 12-play, 65-yard drive sets up Elam for his third field goal of the game, this one from 37-yards out and Denver increases it's lead to 9-3. END OF 3rd. QTR.

A pass interference penalty against Broncos cornerback Roc Alexander moved Seattle to the Denver 46-yard line, but back to back sacks by Louis Green and Patrick Chukwurah moved the Seahawks well out of field goal range and Denver fielded Seattle's punt on their own 31-yard line.

Kanell then guided the team on a 6-play, 69-yard drive, setting up the Broncos first touchdown of the game as Mike Anderson carried it in from 7-yards out to give Denver a 16-3 advantage with 10:06 remaining.

Following another stalled Seahawk drive the Broncos took charge as Anderson, making a serious bid for the top running back position, gained 38-yards on seven carries, setting up Elam's fourth field goal of the game, this one from 32-yards out to seal the game at 19-3.END OF 4TH. QTR.

The victory gives Denver a 1-2 preseason record as they head home to face the Houston Texans, this Friday at Invesco Field. The final preseason game of the year will also be  held at Invesco Field as the Broncos take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 2nd.





TOTAL YDS. 385 183




PASS YDS. 179 134
PENALTIES 10/92 4/45
TIME OF POS. 38:50 21:10


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