Mike Shanahan Transcripts

Less than twenty-four hours after the Denver Broncos got their first win of the preseason over the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media

On if RB Tatum Bell took off the cast on his finger for practice
"You can't take the cast off. He's not going to have that off for a while. I'm not even sure when he's supposed to get it off. But he's feeling a little bit more comfortable with it. He's starting to run better, and he's starting to catch the ball with it." 

On if he is getting closer to knowing who his offensive players will be
"I think you get a little bit of a better idea every day— Offensively, defensively and the big area is special teams. You don't know until you get into game situations who is going to step up. So it's still great that we have two more games to evaluate some of these guys, especially in the special teams area." 

On if he has determined who will be the Broncos' starting running back
"No. There is a lot of competition right there. We have to get a pecking order. ‘Q' [Quentin Griffin] has been playing extremely well. I think we know what Mike Anderson and Garrison Hearst have done. We haven't seen Tatum [Bell], and we've got a little idea of [Ahmaad] Galloway and [Santonio] Beard, but it's great to get this extra game to get to evaluate them." 

On if he was pleased with the team's offensive performance at Seattle
"Any time you have the ball for almost 22 minutes in the first half and they have 8 [minutes of possession], you are going to win a lot of football games. But we have to work on that red zone [offense]. Any time you are 0-for-2 in the red zone, you are not going to score points. That game should have been a minimum of 35 points [for the Broncos], so we've got some work to do. But it's sure nice to control the tempo of the game." 

On if it is good for the Broncos to play at home for the first time this preseason Friday vs. Houston
"Yeah. Any time you travel three games like we have and get home at 4, 5 o'clock in the morning, it's sure nice to have three weeks at home." 

On how regular practices differ from two-a-days
"What we try to do here is the same schedule we have during the season. It's a little different for some of the guys that haven't been here because they are not sure about our schedule during the season. So this first day is a little bit unusual with the film during the morning and the walk-throughs in the early afternoon, special teams practice and the way we go about our Wednesday practices, which is essentially what we did today. It's a good learning experience for all of our players. We don't get a chance to do it against Arizona because we only have two days preparation, so they'll get an idea of what the formula is before the regular season."

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