Quotes from the Coach

Quotes from head coach Mike Shanahan as the Denver Broncos prepare to face the Houston Texans this Friday night.

Quotes from head coach Mike Shanahan
(following practice 8/25)

 On how much the Broncos' running backs will play against Houston on Friday
"We haven't talked about the rotation yet, but we will play the starters. Usually we get into the third quarter with them. The good thing is we had a bunch of plays last week with the first unit on offense. We played 48 plays counting some of the penalty plays, so at least we know our team is in shape.  But, it will be typical rotation. Quentin [Griffin] will get the majority of the reps with the first group, and Tatum Bell will get some reps in the third and fourth quarter. So it's a chance to evaluate some players with two games left. It's a lot to evaluate, so it always nice to have that extra game."  

On how well DE Raylee Johnson and DT Luther Elliss our playing
"Good. They both have played well and they are playing well enough to start, so that means that they are doing some good things. Luther brings a lot of experience to our group.  He's a fierce competitor that really plays hard. Raylee Johnson has always given us fits when we play the Chargers. So it's nice to have him on our team, and he's healthy and ready to go.  So hopefully they keep playing on a high level." 

On what else in on the agenda for Friday
"You try to get better on offense, defense and special teams and have your team come together as preseason goes on. We play a little bit more and so you're expecting more from your team. Besides that, [we want to] get a good evaluation and get ready for Kansas City. "

On not playing CB Lenny Walls playing Friday
"I'd say it's 100 percent [his ankle injury] but I'd say it's 99 percent he won't play [vs. Houston] and we'll get him ready for the Arizona game. Get him a little more practice. As you can see right now, he's getting some one-on-one routes and looks pretty good. I think he's a little bit quick right now to throw him in a game just from a conference level, but we'll get him some playing time, hopefully, against Arizona and get ready to go for the first game."

On the progress of LB Patrick Chukwurah thus far
"Oh, horrible. I don't like him (joking). I think he's doing a good job, and he'll be part of the evaluation process too, you know, as a pass rusher and a linebacker."

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