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Every Wednesday our Syndicated Columnist Schon answers your Denver Broncos questions, in our exclusive feature "Ask the Insider". Check out our first installment of 2004.

Every Wednesday throughout the NFL season, Broncos Update Columnist Schon will answer the fan's questions. Here's your chance to ask anything about the Denver Broncos or the National Football League, from our expert on the inside.

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After what you've seen so far this year can you give me a realistic idea of how far the Broncos could go this year?
Tim, Seattle, WA.

Well Tim, I can honestly say that I've seen better training camps, but it's still early right now and I'm not that concerned with some of the offensive problems lately. The big test will be on opening day when the Kansas City Chiefs come to town. If Denver can get off to a good start against K.C, and barring any unforeseen injuries, I really think that the team is capable of winning their first playoff game since John Elway retired. Where they go beyond that is still anybodies guess.

What's your impression of this year's draft class and do you think that Darius Watts has a chance to earn a starting spot this year?
Andrew, Longmont, CO.

Denver's 2004 Draft Class could potentially be one of the best drafts in recent memory. Linebaker D.J. Williams has already cracked the starting lineup on the teams' current depth chart, Wide Receiver Triandos Luke has been impressive, both on kickoff returns and receiving duties and quarterback Matt Mauck gave a serious challenge to Danny Kannell for his spot as Jake Plummer's backup. As far as Darius Watts goes, I think he will be given plenty of time on the field this season to showcae his talents and may in fact break into the starting lineup based on how well Ashley Lelie steps up.

As serious as Mike Anderson's injury sounds, do think he can recover for next year and be back as strong as he was?
Mark, Davenport, IA.

I'm no doctor Mark, but from what I've been told, with the proper rest and rehabilitation he should be able to pick up exactly where he left off. That's the physical forecast, as far as his mental state goes I'm not so sure. I remember Terrell Davis telling me how hard it was for him to get his head straight mentally, long after the injury had healed. If anybody can do it though, Anderson will. He's got to be one of the toughest guys I've ever met.

What's the scoop with Bradlee Van Pelt? I'm a former CSU grad  and I haven't seen him in any games so far, what's up with that?
Adrianne, Park City, UT.

What's up with that is Plummer, Kanell and Matt Mauck, who all rank above Van Pelt on the depth chart. I expect he will see some playing time during tomorrow's game against the Cardinals, but he won't be making the Broncos 2004 roster unless someone goes down with an injury. It's a pretty safe bet that he'll be released this Sunday when Denver trims it's roster to the league mandated 53-player limit, but look for him to be resigned on Monday to the teams' practice squad. He's got a great wok ethic and is a very personable guy, but the competition at quarterback was just too much this season.

What's been your greatest Broncos moment ever?
Eric, Colorado Spring, CO.

Without question, it was John Elway's victory lap after his final game at Mile High Stadium. The crowd was more electric than any other time I have ever seen, and just watching the future Hall of Famer circle the old stadium is something I will never forget.

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