Let The Fines Begin

Denver Broncos safety John Lynch becomes the first player of the 2004 season to be fined by the NFL for an agressive hit.

Following two days of countless revues and replays, from every angle imaginable, the National Football League has decided to fine Denver Broncos safety John Lynch $7,500, for a hit the former Tampa Bay free agent levied against Kansas City receiver Dante Hall.

The news does not come as a surprise to Lynch, known as one of the hardest hitters in the league.

"I think the hypocrisy is just terrible," Lynch said. "It was all over ESPN and I'm sure it will be on the Greatest Hits at the end of the season and they'll sell it and yet they're going to try and fine me. I think what's most disappointing is that I've tried to alter my game because the helmet-to-helmet was such an emphasis."

The hit came as Hall came across the middle on a pass route and was hit by the Broncos safety just below the face mask as he attempted to catch the ball. Although he was stunned by the collision, Hall remained in the game to it's conclusion.

According to the league, the fine was not based on a helmet-to-helmet hit, but rather a hit against a defenseless receiver who, in the leagues opinion, did not have an opportunity to make the catch.

Lynch is expected to appeal the fine, but a reversal by the league is highly unlikely.

"I'm going to let the appeal process begin today", Lynch told reporters at Dove Valley.

The fine is the first of the 2004 season handed out by the league.

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