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After Denver's 34-24 win over Kansas City the mailbox was flooded with questions ranging from Jake Plummer to the dreaded Silver and Black.

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Denver stepped it up against Kansas City, but I'm still not sold on Plummer as a championship quarterback. Do you think he's got what it takes to win a Super Bowl?
Eric, Pueblo, CO.

It's an age old question that's been asked of every team that didn't have a so-called "superstar" behind center. What you really should be asking though is do the Broncos have what it takes. I guarantee that if the Broncos do make it to the Super Bowl, winning or losing will not rest on Jake Plummer's shoulders any more than it will rest on Champ Bailey's, Quentin Griffin's or Trevor Pryce's.

I thought Byron Chamberlain and Jed Weaver were a shoo in at Tight End, then both were cut - why?
, Phoenix, AZ.

That's simple, Dan, they were outplayed by Jeb Putzier, Dwayne Carswell, Patrick Hape and Mike Leach. When it came right down to it, signing bonuses aside, Shanahan felt that the best players for the position were the ones he kept.

I know that Adrian Madise is suspended for the first four games, how do you think that this will affect his status with the team?

Darol, Jim Falls, WS.

The worst possible place a player could find themselves in is Shanahan's Dog House, which Madise is unfortunately in the middle of right now. The first four games of the season are critical for developing timing and chemistry for the receiving corps, and barring any serious injuries I doubt that Madise can find his way back on the squad in time to make any measurable difference. My money says he's gone.

Why is it the officials throw so many ticky tack flags on Denver and then let other teams get away with almost anything?

Like players, officials have their good and bad days on the field. I'll give you the fact that there were a few penalties last Sunday that made absolutely no sense, but overall I think they do a pretty fair job over the course of a season. As a footnote, I understand the fine against safety John Lynch, but I also agree with Lynch that if it was a penalty, then it shouldn't be glorified throughout the week on the NFL promo reels.

I noticed on your messageboard that there's a poll as to who the Broncos biggest rival is. What's your take on this? Oakland or KC?
Jean, Glenwood Springs, CO.

Denver and Kansas City have a huge rivalry that dates back to their old AFC days, but it doesn't have quite the same emotion that a Broncos - Raiders contest has. I've got to go with the dreaded Silver and Black.

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