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This week's installment ranges from the Quentin Griffin fumble debate to the Broncos luck, or lack thereof, with their first round draft picks.

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I have been a bronco fan since they drafted Floyd Little from Syracuse, most things in my opinion are really positive about this team except they should just give away their first round draft picks and save the money, How far from the truth am I ?
Name withheld

Don't be so quick to toss out the Broncos first round picks. Over the years Denver had has some pretty good luck with the top slot. In addition to Little you've got the likes of Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, Dennis Smith, Steve Atwater, John Mobley, Trevor Pryce and Al Wilson. The jury is still out on Ashley Lelie and George Foster, but I think that both will should be able to prove their worth as first round selections.

How do you think the injury to Trevor Pryce will affect the defense?
Phil, Woodland Hills, CA

You can't lose a guy like Pryce and expect to compete at the same level. I do think however that Marco Coleman should be able to fill the gaps in the interim and the recent acquisition of Ellis Johnson will help shore up the corner if Pryce's recovery takes longer than expected.

I completely disagree with your article blaming Mike Shanahan for not kicking the field goal on third down. If Griffin didn't fumble he would have been able to gain at least five yards giving Elam a much easier kick.
Patrick, Brooklyn, NY.

I don't want to beat a dead horse with this Patrick, but with fourteen game winning kicks to his credit, the odds on Elam hitting it from 40-yards out is much better than the variables involved in either a run or pass play that might net you another five yards.

Two fumbles in two games. Is anybody else concerned with Quentin Griffin's inability to hold onto the ball?
Davis, Boulder, CO.

It's certainly not a streak to be proud of, but in Griffin's defense, it was simply a bad exchange between he and Jake Plummer. You can rest assured that by the time San Diego rolls into town it will be an issue properly addressed by the Broncos coaching staff.

As a budding sports journalist I have a couple of questions for you. When you go on the road do you travel on the team plane or do you fly commercial? Also do you ever have any problems with the team or a  player after writing a piece that's not too favorable?
Reggie, UCSD, San Diego, CA.

As a journalist, truth is your best ally. Players understand what your job is, and provided that you use a little common sense and respect, there are generally no problems. I've been fortunate to work with a team that prides itself on working with the media. Jim Saccomano, Denver's Media Relations Director,  is one of the best in the business, and his staff will do everything they can to help you get your job accomplished, and believe me, I've written more than my share of articles that could be deemed unfavorable.

As far as the travel arrangements, it's always commercial. Team planes are generally reserved for those on the team's payroll. In Denver's case, the only media members on the charter flight are those involved in the games radio broadcast. Good luck with your future career.

Got a comment or want a question answered? Drop Schon an e-mail.

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