Mike Shanahan Post Game Quotes

Q & A with Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan following the teams 23-13 win over the San Diego Chargers

General opening comments:
"I'll talk about our defense first. I was really pleased with our overall effort. Anytime you've got a couple starters out, with Trevor Pryce and Lenny Walls and play defense the way they did, it's really a credit to a bunch of guys working together. Special teams – I was really pleased with that area. I thought our returns, we really stepped up from last week. Offensively we had our chances. They really stepped up and did a great job taking away the run. We had our chances. We put some points on the scoreboard but we just couldn't get it done on third down and in the red zone, and that's a credit to them. It was a good team effort and it's always nice to win."

On being concerned with the running game
"You always have emphasis anytime you play like we did. Last week, we knew they were an excellent run defensive team and moved the football. I'm more concerned about our red zone and third-down effort than the running game. To move the football like we did, you need to come up with plays. We didn't come up with plays and we need to come up with more plays in the end zone. They played extremely hard."

On if Quentin Griffin fumbling the ball is a problem that needs to be addressed
"You do the same thing you always do. You emphasize it in practice. It looks like the fumbles that he had (weren't the same). One of the fumbles was a bad quarterback exchange, like we talked about before. This last one was pretty similar to what I thought happened on the goal line in Kansas City. He relaxed a little bit after he caught the ball and all of a sudden it got knocked out. Whether he's catching a pass or carrying the ball into the end zone, he's got to secure the ball."

On the difference between this season and last season in Ashley Lelie's play
"It's early. He was very productive last year. He had one of his best games against San Diego last year and made some big-time catches. It's like the way he practices and through the offseason program and the way he handles himself during the preseason games and in practice. He's got a lot more confidence and I think he's a lot more comfortable this year."

On if Ashley Lelie was the main receiver on the touchdown catch
"No, he wasn't. It was the inside guy."

On the thought process behind going for it on fourth and nine
"I just felt like if we missed that field goal that the momentum would go the other way. On third down I felt like we had somebody open so we ran the same play. We didn't go with the first receiver. Jake (Plummer) ran right and made a big time throw and a big time play. It doesn't always happen that way and it doesn't always work out. I'm glad they bailed me out."

On how close was Tatum Bell to being active to play in the game
"It was close. But not good enough for a young guy who didn't have a lot of reps during the week." On if he thinks that Jake Plummer played his most complete game of the year so far
"Anytime you take the running game out, you're going to ask your quarterback to make some plays. We did some good things in that first half, we just got shorted a bit in that red zone. But, we got the win and that's the bottom line."

On if he's shocked that the Kansas City Chiefs are now 0-3 to start the season
"In the National Football League, nothing's shocking. You have to be ready every week and there are a lot of great teams out there. It's not who you play but how you play them that makes the difference."

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