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Today's Top Pick breaks down the "Mile High Code" of a Denver Broncos Fan.

Broncos Update scours it's Hardcore Message Board to find the best post of the day. Today's Top Pick comes from Hardcore Fan Ryan Bevans.

As a 21 year old Colorado native, I have been programmed to be a Broncos fan from the time I was born. Anyone who has grown up in Colorado with a Bronco-loving family knows what I'm talking about. Bronco fans are programmed early, and this code they are programmed with lasts for life. This code I'm talking about is something you will find in almost every Bronco fan. The code contains 5 noticeable characteristics which also act as guidelines to being a fan. They are fairly simple, and are present in every true fan. These characteristics include the following:

1. Hate the Raiders
2. Hate the Chiefs
3. Always expect to go to the playoffs
4. Always expect to beat Marty Schottenheimer
5. Refer to 1 & 2

These characteristics/guidelines are also what seem to make Bronco fans some of the most hated throughout the league. I can't even cheer for the Broncos where I work without a Raiders, Eagles, or Chiefs fan saying "Bronco fans are so stupid." I guess I can see where they are coming. In the cities where these teams play, things like support and optimism are looked down upon and hard to find. Oakland can't watch their team on television because they never sell out a game… leaving the "black hole" less than intimidating. Philly is the land of fickle fans with one interception or fumble ending your career in the fans eyes but erased with a game winning touchdown which may leave them chanting "MVP, MVP" (are they still booing drafting Donovan McNabb? I can't ever tell). And I'm not even going to start on Kansas City, 0-3, no defense, cry babies, always overrated, and can't win in Denver, ever… period.

It is this "Mile High Code" that makes this city and Bronco fans great. You can pick up on it the moment you talk to a fellow "code member", who instantly becomes a brother/sister. You can see it the moment you walk in to Mile High, from Barrel Man to the fan who won't sit down for the entire game because that game is the most exciting part of his or her week, you know exactly where you are… among family. Another great thing about the code is that it's always going to be here, at every game, in every tailgate party, and in every taunting gesture that is made to an opposing fan. It is also what will keep Raiders and Chiefs fans hating us and trying to crack the code for years to come, that… and of course beating them year in and year out... Oops, there's that Mile High support and optimism again, I'm so stupid, but I love it.

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