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This week's installment ranges from Jake Plummer to Tatum Bell, beating the Raiders and the game day experience at Invesco Field. Check out what our Insider had to say.

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Although he didn't fumble this week I'm still concerned with Quentin Griffin. It seems like he is running scared right now and not just letting it flow- what do you think?
Marty, Denver, CO.

I agree with you that he's a little tentative right now, but what concerns me more is the fact that the offensive line has not been able to open up the type of holes he was accustomed to seeing earlier in the season. Right now there's absolutely no room for cutbacks, and the defense is forcing Denver's hand on the style of running game they play.

Griffin lacks the power and size of a Mike Anderson and is not the type of runner that can bowl his way through the line for those 2-3 extra yards on third down unless he's got an open slot from his lineman. So far it just hasn't been there for him.

Looking at the schedule, if we can get by Carolina on Sunday we could head to Oakland at 4-1 with a chance to stay undefeated in the AFC West.  This could be huge when it comes to the postseason.
Derrick, Colorado Springs, CO

Don't get too far ahead of yourself Derrick. Carolina's no pushover and at 3-1 the Broncos are far from the offensive powerhouse they used to be. As far as Oakland goes, another win could put Denver in the top slot as far as the postseason is concerned. With the Raiders recent struggles Denver stands a good chance of gaining some ground with another road win.

Never having the opportunity to attend a Broncos game live I was wondering how you would rank the stadium experience compared to other teams around the league.
Kerri, Oxnard, CA.

From a fans perspective there's nothing quite like a game at Invesco Field, and I certainly would rank in the top two or three sites around the league. Green Bay and Tampa are also excellent when it comes down to what you would consider a fun stadium experience, safe environment, great food and tons of friendly people.

I was wondering what's going on with Tatum Bell? I know he's had some injuries but do you think that Shanahan has lost faith in him? Sure hope he doesn't turn out to be a bust.
Scott, Des Moines, IA.

Between the busted finger and the sore ribs Bell's hasn't even had the opportunity to get on Mike's bad side yet. I do expect he will see some playing time this week, especially if Griffin's ankle is still bothering him, but as I stated earlier, unless the offensive line can start to open up the field a little bit more I think Denver's running game will continue to struggle.

I've been a huge Jake Plummer fan since his days at Arizona State. What do the fans in Denver think of him and do you see him staying with the Broncos for the next several years?
Michelle, Mesa, AZ

Unless something changes dramatically Jake's here for a while. While it's obvious that nobody could step in and replace Elway, Plummer's light-years ahead of Brian Griese when it comes to the fans. Toss in a starting record of 12-4 over the past two seasons and it's easy to see why Mike Shanahan made the push to bring him in.

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