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Today's Top Pick features an amusing salute to the legendary Number 7. Check out our Hardcore Message Board's Top Pick for Thursday.

Broncos Update scours it's Hardcore Message Board to find the best post of the day. Today's Top Pick comes from Hardcore Fan Sam "The Moose" DeWitt.

Denver is a crazy town. I don't mean that we're all lunatics by any means, but when it comes to football, let's face it: Denver is the most illogical place on the face of the planet.

In this city walk a sorry and sordid bunch of people. They don't believe the Broncos are ever out of contention (unless Brian Griese, by some horrible act of fate, should become the quarterback again; oh fate, thou art crappy); they think that the greatest coach of all time would have the mind of Mike Shanahan and the strength of character possessed by Red Miller; they feel that Terrell Davis should be in the Hall of Fame.

But then there's this Elway fellow.

If this scorned and scared group feels that John Elway was the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, I am their leader.

I do irrational things, having named now a cat, dog and hamster "Seven." I have had an interest in a woman who played college soccer for some time now, not because of her athletic prowess or her Scandinavian good looks, but because of her soccer jersey. Number 7. Many people round up or down to five or ten. I round to seven.

Seven truly is a magical number, when you think about it. Seven deadly sins. Homer's Seven Circles of Hell and the Seven Heavenly Virtues. Seven wonders of the world. But that last one is incorrect. In an odd twist of fate, there are eight wonders of the world, and the eighth wonder is Elway. Who wore number 7. Go figure.

Having tried the salad dressing (and watched the quarterback), I now desire to sail the Seven Seas. I make it a part of my daily routine to stop in a 7-11 and grab a 7-Up. I'd like to date seven sisters, but truly doubt I could get more than one to accept me for the seven-loving man that I am.

Seven. Seven. Seven. Sounds like my heartbeat.

Seven was more than just a number before John Elway. But Elway gave a face, an image, a style and swagger (wrapped in orange, of course) to 7. Now 7 is Seven. Oh, thank heaven.

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