The Football Gods Have Spoken

I'll go out on a limb here and predict that the Denver Broncos will stand tall with a 12-1 record by mid December.

Their play is sloppy, their wins are ugly, and they just may be the worst of five NFL teams with identical 4-1 records at this point in the season.

But, being the eternal optimist that I am, I'm going out on a limb here to predict that by December 13th. the Denver Broncos will hold a commanding 12-1 season record, touting the league's number one defense, countered by an offense that will have risen from the ranks of embarrassment to actually achieve an acceptable level of mediocrity.

The reason?

An incredibly easy schedule handed down by the football gods, which, fortunately for Denver, plays in perfectly to the teams' lackluster abilities to produce points.

Now before you begin calling for an immediate drug test, let's look at the facts.

Sunday's victory, albeit unspectacular, puts the Broncos atop the AFC West with only one loss. Over the course of the next nine weeks the Broncos will play eight games, plus a bye week, facing teams with a current combined record of 16-23.

Only two of the next eight opponents have better than a .500 record, the toughest being the Atlanta Falcons, who currently sit atop the NFC South at a matching 4-1. While San Diego rounds out as the only other team with a winning record at 3-2, anyone above a comatose level understands that this is a mere aberration, fueled in part by an overachieving offense riding, what will ultimately be, a very short wave of success.

Call it a premonition, call it a gift from beyond, call it an overabundance of alcohol, I haven't been this sure of anything since the invention of the eight track. I've even gone so far as to place a friendly wager on the outcome with a good friend of mine, who happens to be a huge Raiders fan.

As of Dec. 13, I expect to be the proud owner of my buddy's new house.

To secure the deal I made him promise fill up the tires before I take possession.

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