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Denver signs Todd Husak, Shanahan ends the Notre Dame rumor and more....

Hoping to downplay the ever-growing rumor mill that has developed over the past few weeks at Dove Valley, Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan officially withdrew his name from the list of candidates looking to fill the vacant head coaching position at Notre Dame.

Shanahan admitted that Kevin White, Athletic Director for the Fighting Irish had contacted him, but scoffed at the notion that he gave the offer any serious thought.

"I said thanks for the call, but I was very happy where I was at," Shanahan said.

Quite optimistic for someone suffering the pangs of an injury-filled, out-of-the playoffs, mistake marred season.

Time to Prove:

With two remaining games for Denver, the focus now shifts from explanations to evaluations, the latter being done in hopes that the former will not be a necessary evil next season.

"That last two games are important for everybody," Shanahan said. "We evaluate how they play, regardless if we are in the playoff picture or not. And we have a chance to see their character and see how they play down the stretch. It's an evaluation, not only of our young guys, but for the older guys as well."

A subtle, yet sincere wake up call for those who Shanahan has been forced to cover for, in far too many press conferences this season. Excuses and Shanahan do not mix, and the idea of revamping key positions is far more appealing than the humiliation of media embarrassment.

Look for significant changes in all aspects, most notably on offense, ie. linemen and running backs.

With the loss of Gus Frerotte to a season ending shoulder separation, the Denver Broncos looked to secure the vacant roster spot with the signing of free-agent quarterback Todd Husak, who most recently spent time on the practice squad of the New York Jets.

The 6-foot-3, 216-pound Husak was a sixth-round draft pick of the Washington Redskins in 2000.

"With our quarterback situation, we were hoping we'd be able to get him off the practice squad, which we did," said head coach Mike Shanhan. "It's good to have him in. We're going to get a chance to evaluate him."

Starting quarterback Brian Griese, who sat out last week's game against Kansas City with a concussion, will have considerably more recovery time as Denver heads into it's bye-week this Sunday. Griese is expected to be ready for the final home game of the season, December 30, against the Oakland Raiders.

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