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Today's Top Pick comes from Bob Morris, as a response to a New York Giants fan that contends that John Elway and Jake Plummer are the most overated quarterbacks in Denver Broncos history.

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Ah, so one dares to think he can go around raising his fist in victory about how the Giants own the Broncos and their quarterbacks and how overrated they are? Allow me to sit down and explain exactly why this Giants fan is completely delusional about this "dominance" his Giants have against Bronco quarterbacks.

For starters, let's make it clear that Giants fan are jealous of Elway and Plummer because...

1. In Elway's case, he's in the Hall of Fame and Phil Simms is not.
2. In Plummer's case, he left a bad franchise for a real franchise and is winning while Giants' fans had to settle for a truly overrated quarterback, Kerry Collins, and now have to settle for Kurt "Touchdown pass? What's that?" Warner to carry them.

Sure, the Giants beat Elway and the Broncos in the Super Bowl, but any observer could clearly see that the key to that Super Bowl victory was Bill Parcells. Want proof? He went on to win another Super Bowl for the Giants with Jeff Hostetler as quarterback. What happened to Hostetler once he and Parcells went their separate ways may I ask? Anyway, fact is, Phil Simms is much like Vinny Testaverde in that he needed Parcells in order to be a success.

And what happened shortly after Parcells stepped down? The Giants bring in Dan Reeves, fresh off being fired from the Broncos, and Giants fans find out the hard way who really was the overrated part of that Broncos run in the 1980s. All he did was bring in every Bronco free agent or waiver wire fodder he could and proceeded to kill the Giants' franchise. I mean, Dave Brown at quarterback? Or was it somebody else? I don't remember. Giants' fans probably don't remember because they're trying to black that out of their minds.

Yet what does Elway do? We get the worst coach in Broncos history, Wade Phillips, for a couple of seasons and Elway still finds a way to win games. Sure, by the time Mike Shanahan and Terrell Davis came along, Elway wasn't the same quarterback he once was, but then witness how Elway was willing to run head on into Leroy Butler during the Super Bowl to get a key first down. Which Giants quarterback in recent history would dare attempt that? Answer: None.

Oh, but the Giants also snapped that undefeated season the Broncos were aiming for in 1998, right? The reality is this: That proved to be a meaningless game because the Broncos went on to win the Super Bowl and the Giants couldn't even get there. Heck, the Giants had to watch as Dan Reeves, the guy who killed their franchise, gets the Falcons to the Super Bowl. I'll gladly take a loss to the Giants if it means the Broncos win the Super Bowl, especially when we got to beat Dan Reeves and John Elway proved who really was the man who got the Broncos to three Super Bowls once before when Reeves was coaching Denver.

As for Jake Plummer, I can't believe any Giants fan would seriously want to go around pumping their first shouting "we owned Plummer in Arizona, rah rah rah" when Plummer was part of an Arizona Cardinals franchise that had the following: No running back, no wide receiver, no tight end, no offensive line, no coaching and an owner who doesn't care about building a franchise. That's the franchise Giants fans want to brag about owning? How sad.

But hey, the Giants fans can take comfort in the fact that they went to a Super Bowl more recently than the Broncos did... although I'm not sure if I'd be proud to say that my team lost a Super Bowl to a franchise which had Trent Dilfer at quarterback. Did I mention Kerry Collins is the real example of an overrated quarterback? Oh wait, but they got rid of him. That makes Kurt Warner -- what, their 12th quarterback in the last 10 years?

Finally, I'd just like to say that Bronco fans, while they expect their team to go to the playoffs, will never boo a coach who doesn't take them there or boo a quarterback who doesn't take them there. Instead, we save our boos for the ones who deserve it -- the fans who buy tickets for the games and then proceed to no-show. Meanwhile, the Giants fans last year spent plenty of games shouting "Fire Fassel" after failing to make the playoffs last season, and while they may be hailing Tiki Barber now, the instance he has one of those games in which he fumbles the ball three or four times, the Giants fans will be booing him off the field and demanding, of all people, Ron Dayne to take over.

Broncos fans are real fans because they stick with the team through thick and thin and when they talk about accomplishments, they talk about ones that matter, like beating any team coached by Marty Schottenheimer, which the Broncos have done in the race for a playoff spot, the race for a division title, or in the playoffs, all when it counts the most. Meanwhile, the Giants fans cling to meaningless stats like how they own Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Elway, then turn around and stay at home pouting when their franchise starts choking, something the Giants have been very good at doing in recent years.

But that's OK. The Giants fan can go back to praying that Eli Manning doesn't end up like his brother Peyton, as in -- dominates the regular season, can't win in the playoffs when it counts the most.

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