Monday Night Rumble

Mike Shanahan and the Denver Broncos gear up for their first and only appearance this season on Monday Night Football.

Are you ready for some football? If not, you better get prepared because the Broncos sure are.

Next week the Broncos (5-1) will face the Cincinnati Bengals (1-4) in the Monday night nationally televised showdown. The Broncos are off to a great start.

"It feels good to start the season and start fast. We've got a few close wins," Quarterback Jake Plummer stated.

"We got a big one last week against Oakland. A division game is always good to win, especially on the road. We're feeling good about where we're at. We need to keep pushing hard. We've got another team this week that's searching for a victory, and they're going to give us their best shot. It's their first Monday night home game in a long time, so we're going to be ready for them to come out as hard as you'll see them come out all year. We've got to be ready. It's going to be a tough game, and hopefully we'll go down there and pull it out."

For the newer Broncos', a bit of anxiousness and nervousness can be felt as they prepare for their first Monday night game.

Plummer stated, "We've got some young guys that might be a little nervous. I think I played in a big one last year when we played the Raiders here on Monday night, which was my second Monday night game ever. So, it's just another game this year. I think you wait so long to play it that by the time the game comes; you're so prepared and ready for it that the nerves kind of go away. There's nerves for every game, but this is more of an anticipation or excitement about playing on Monday night."

Coach Mike Shanahan is confident that his team will do well on the road. At yesterday's practice he stated, "If you win on the road, you really have to play well in the National Football League. There's no question about it. As long as I've been in the NFL, it's a special moment to get a group of guys that go to another stadium and find a way to get it done."

Fans of both teams are excited to see the Monday night match-up. Shanahan anticipates a fired up crowd.

"It's their first Monday night appearance since 1989," he said. "I think it will be special. We'll give it our best shot. We all know last year they started out 1-4, the same record they have right now. They won the next six out of seven games and beat some pretty good football teams. (They beat) three playoff teams – Kansas City, Baltimore and Seattle.

"We know what type of football team this is. We played against them in the first game last year, and I said after the game, ‘This football team's going to win a lot of games.' You guys laughed at me. All of a sudden they were 8-6. Unfortunately they lost the last two games, but they had a nice stretch in there so, we know what they're capable of doing."

The Broncos will face the Bengals Monday night at 9pm EDT.

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