A Matter of Luck

Broncos Update Columnist Schon takes a hard look at Monday night's fiasco, claiming that the 23-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals was just a matter of luck.

When it comes to the National Football League, sometimes it's just a matter of luck.

Such was the case in Denver's 23-10 Monday night loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Broncos were lucky the score was even that close.

By all accounts, Cincinnati could have easily put up another few touchdowns on the league's number two ranked defense, but being the ever hospitable hosts that they were, the Bengals settled for simply stealing the spotlight from the once mighty Broncos, adding fuel to the fire for journalist across the country who maintain that the Broncos are nothing more than a mediocre team, with a relatively easy schedule.

Following last night's dismal performance, it's a hard fact to argue.

It's also hard to argue the fact that a national audience watched in amazement as Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey was continually beaten by Bengals receiver Chad Johnson, or that running back Rudi Johnson was able to pull off 123-yards on a night thought to be reserved for the debut of Reuben "Hollywood" Droughns.

"They were ready to play, more than we were," head coach Mike Shanahan admitted. "I've got to do a better job preparing these guys. You lose focus a little bit; you lose that concentration level and make some of the mistakes we made."

And the mistakes were plenty.

Eighty-eight yards in penalties, a missed field goal, countless dropped balls, two interceptions, one fumble and an embarrassing chop block which, although legal by NFL standards, screams for punishment.

This is what the Denver Broncos brought to the plate after a week's worth of preparation and practice. Had they realized it, the team could have taken the entire week off and still come out with the same level of ineptness.

It's hard to imagine it could have been any worse, but then again I guess it's all just a matter of luck.

Hopefully this week, they won't be quite as lucky.

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