Q & A with Jake Plummer

Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer addresses the media on such topics as the dismal performance against Cincinnati, the Falcons run defense and the Michael Vick experience. <br><br> Check out the full transcript.

On the Broncos' performance against Cincinnati on Monday night -
"We lost a game and obviously we don't want to lose any games this season. We lost a game and we have to move on, that's the only thing we can do. I think we have the guys on this team with the character to move on. We only have one day to rest, which is a good thing. It's a short week so we don't have the time to sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. We have to come right back out to work and get ready for a tough Atlanta team coming in."

On the rhythm of the offense against Cincinnati -
"(Cincinnati) caught us a few times with their good defensive calls. That happens sometimes. Just like when we get a big play offensively, we catch defensive guys in a situation where we get a big play. We didn't make those big plays. We had a could shots downfield that we didn't make, and they caught us on third down with blitzes when we were in a protection and they had a guy covering the (receiver) I had to go to. It was a bad situation to be in, but those things happen. You have to fight through those (situations) and we didn't fight through it in that game. We learned a lesson from it and we will move on."

On what to expect from Atlanta's defense -
"(Atlanta) has a good defense. They are going to play hard. They bring a lot of eight-man boxes to try and stop the run – I think they will do that again this week, especially with how (Kansas City) ran on them last week. They are a defense that does not allow a lot of big plays; They like to keep everything in front of them. It's going to be one of those games. We are going to have to be patient and obviously they are very good at creating turnovers. We have to be good with the ball and get the ball in the hands of the guys. We are going to have to move our way down the field and make plays continuously on drives and finish those drives. They are a tough defense. They have some great players on their defense, and they are going to come playing hard to try and stop our run game."

On Denver's running game success against Cincinnati -
"We fell behind so we couldn't run as much, and we had a couple plays come back because of penalties. We ran the ball effectively and we had some big gains, but it was something we couldn't hang our hat on because we fell behind and we had to start throwing the ball a little bit more. Any time you do that, you are not going to have as much yardage running the ball. I think we did some good things in the run game. We weren't failing in that regards at all, we did some good things. We just couldn't continue to (run) all game because we feel behind."

On Atlanta's run defense -
"You never know. Week-to-week, anything can happen. A team like Kansas City can run the ball well. Whatever (Kansas City) found and exposed, I'm sure we are going to do some of that. Week-to-week it changes. We are going to have to go out there with the frame of mind, if we are going to run the ball to get it done. They have a stout defense, and they are going to want to stop the run after what happened last week. Whatever it takes, if they are going to stop the run then we are going to have to make plays in the passing game."

On the success of Denver's passing game if Atlanta's defense is focused on its running game -
"If we can protect and hold up, my guys outside should be able to get open. (Atlanta) has some good cover guys, but if they are going to commit eight guys to the box, then we should have some single coverage outside and hopefully be able to do some good stuff out there."

On Denver's ability to forget about last game -
"I'm the guy who, week-to-week, has to be consistent. When we win, I can't be too happy and think we are all good. When we lose, you have to come back with the right frame of mind and go back to work. That's all you can do in this league is go back to the practice field and get ready for the next week. It comes quickly, especially after a Monday night game. I weathered the storm early in my career, losing a lot of games, so I know how to bounce back. Week-to-week, that's what you have to do. We have the guys, not just me, but guys like Rod (Smith) and Al (Wilson), guys like (John) Lynch, Champ (Bailey) and all those guys have been through some big losses. That's all you can do is just bounce back the next week. What we do next week is what everybody will be talking about, not what we did last week."

On taking the offensive line out to dinner -
"It's a short week, so it's kind of hard. I take care of those guys plenty. This week is a short week, but they know I appreciate what they are doing and they'll get it back."

On how a short week affects preparation -
"It doesn't affect it. We're back to the regular schedule. It's just that you get one less day of rest. Guys are a little bit more sore today, and it will be a little bit hard to get the engine started out there. It's actually good; we can work the soreness out. It makes sure the short week isn't going to allow us to sit around and mope about the loss, we can move on."

On Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick's ability -
"Whenever we do catch highlights on a Sunday night or Monday, we want to see what Vick did because the guy is so electrifying and makes some amazing plays. We hope he doesn't make any this week obviously, but he is a guy you have to contain. You can keep him contained for most of the game and then ‘bam,' he'll break out. The guy is so fast, and he is really a very good athlete, obviously, to do some of the stuff he does. He is the kind of player you like to sit back and go ‘wow' a lot of times when you see him play."

On Vick adjusting to a new offense -
"I could never run quite like him, so I don't know exactly how he is adjusting. I'm sure he is learning -- That's part of a guy that can run as well as he can. As soon as it become second nature when he is in the pocket, that's two weapons right there. If nothing is there, he is usually able to get out of the pocket and make some plays. He's shown he can handle their offense a little bit. He has had some tough times, but to be honest with you, I haven't studied his game as much as some of the other guys. Just watching it looks like he's getting more comfortable."

On Arizona State quarterback Andrew Walter -
"I know him pretty well. When I was back in Arizona in the off season, we would work out once in a while at the end of the summer before we left for camp. He's a really good kid, I like him a lot. He has a good head on his shoulders. He got thrust into the limelight there in his sophomore year and had a really good year. He struggled a little last year but he's doing good this year, and I'm happy for him. He broke all my records, so I'm happy for that. I don't have any more records over there. He tore me up, but they run a passing offense and we didn't. I'm always looking at those guys at ASU, and he's good so we'll see how he finishes the year out."

On the lack of success with the bootleg against Cincinnati -
"Sometimes when you boot out it's guesswork. There were times when we could have booted out when they were committed and we were running it. The times we happened to boot out, they came down with a blitz one time, that's when I threw the ball away and got the (intentional) grounding. Sometimes, the defensive ends hold and they do what they're coached to do. It's guesswork sometimes, but they did a good job containing us. That is something we have to continue to do regardless, and if a team is going to commit a guy to me, then we have to be running the ball cutting backside."

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