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Today's Top Pick comes from April Stahl, where she takes an interesting look at the legacy of John Elway and the impact he's had on the Mile High City.

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Denver, priding themselves on a great view and good beer, never was a city of sports domination; second rate stars playing for second rate teams. Sporting events weren't the focus, just stories of desperation as the Broncos took the field and Nuggets hit the floor. Fans followed, but with continued absence of hometown heroes and championships, America didn't exactly take Denver as a serious sports city. But in the spring of 1983 on May 2nd, they were given hope-John Elway.

Elway was a Cali quarterback with a rocket arm, a college phenomn. He was welcomed into the Broncos organization with open arms. Originally drafted to the Baltimore Colts as the number one pick, Elway was quickly traded to the Broncos on a 2-man/1st round pick deal; now referred to as the "trade of the century." The once hopeless fans perked up with excitement and became anxious in anticipation of a winning season for the Broncos.

Just like any rookie, Elway had to learn the ropes and get relaxed in his new position as an NFL quarterback. With the immense amount of hype, the pressure to succeed was tremendous; it suddenly became his duty to turn the losing reputation of the Broncos into a legacy. Seemed like an amazing task, but with his intense toughness and competitiveness, Elway turned his hype into a reality. Sure he had his disappointments and failures, but he got right back up and turned mistakes into miracles and led this team to victory. For once, Denver had an identity in the sports market and the representation of a hometown hero.

In his sixteen years with the Broncos, Elway posted remarkable numbers; holding several prestigious records. Leaving the NFL with 148 wins, 5 Super Bowl appearances, and a career quarterback rating of 79.9, it was no surprise when Elway was voted into the prestigious Hall of Fame. On August 8, 2004, he became the first ever Bronco to earn this honor in Canton, Ohio.

The two-time Super Bowl champ has easily become a legend in his own time. His spot-less reputation and positive outlook has given fans of all ages a role model both on and off the field. His sixteen years with the Broncos demonstrates his outstanding loyalty to the team. John Elway is arguably America's favorite quarterback and the Mile High City can claim him as its own. Elway has truly defined the Broncos as an elite football club. Not only did the team benefit from Elway's talents, but Denver is now recognized as a city with a dominate sports emphasis, home to seven professional leagues and host to a wide variety of sporting events.

The link between the two is everlasting.

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