The End of an Era?

It appears that the head coaching position at the University of Florida is Mike Shanahan's for the taking. Now we await the decision.

Was it the end of a season, or as some are predicting, the end of an era?

What was the finale to a long and extremely mediocre season for the Denver Broncos, may have been in fact the final game for Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan, should the xxx-year old Shanahan accept the top coaching position for the University of Florida, a position he once called his "dream job".

Quite an ironic play on words considering the fact that Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley has been quoted as calling Shanahan his "dream coach".

A dream coach, in a dream position, what more could you ask?

"I've got a lot of respect for Jeremy," Shanahan said following Sunday's loss at Indianapolis.

"I told him if the job ever opened, we would sit down and talk. But that does not mean that I'm headed off to the Florida Gators."

True enough, it was the Gators that came to him, as Foley and Shanahan met at the Inverness Hotel today for several hours behind closed doors, then followed up with a meeting at Shanahn's home. This comes on the heels of a Monday morning meeting with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, again behind closed doors.

Bowlen however, dismisses the idea of Shanahan's departure.

"I think Mike will be with the Broncos for a very long time," Bowlen said. "And I say that with strong conviction. The fact that he wants to talk to his friend in Florida doesn't bother me."

We'll see if that opinion changes, hopefully within the next 12 hours, the timeframe expected for Shanahan to make a final decision.

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