Q & A with Jake Plummer

Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer addresses the media on topics ranging from this week's game against the New Orleans Saints to his return to ASU to honor Pat Tillman. Check out the full transcript....

On the challenges the Saints' defense presents to the Broncos' offense -
"They're winning some games. They've been in some shootouts, so their defense creates turnovers. They've got some high draft picks on their defense that can play at a really high level. They're really fast at home on their surface there at the dome. So, it's going to take a good executed offense in all four quarters for us to get the win. One thing that I know in the past that Denver has done is went down there and ran the ball well on them. Against anybody, we set out to run the ball and whatever comes off that is hopefully positive in the play action department and all that. But, it's a good defense we're facing and they've been winning games and creating turnovers in some shootouts, making the other team drop back and throw the ball out then getting the big play in the turnovers. We've got to try and avoid that. If we can do that, hopefully we can control the tempo of the game."

On what aspect he thinks the Broncos can exploit against the Saints' defense -
"I never really care where a defense ranks when we go to play them. That all goes out the door. They could come out and be really motivated and shut us down and look like a top-10 defense in the league. So, week-to-week it's whatever we do to exploit any of their weaknesses. Like I said, I went through kind of what they do defensively. They're a physical, fast team. When they're playing at home, they've been able to create some turnovers and do some good things. So, if we do what we know we can do, take care of the ball, run the ball well and do everything off the run, I think we'll be able to move the ball. Still, it's what we do, not really what they do. They're the last-ranked defense in the league. It doesn't matter if we don't come out and perform as one of the top offenses in the league. We're not going to move the ball if we don't come prepared."

On his experience at the Arizona State game last weekend at a ceremony honoring the late Pat Tillman -
"It was great. It fell on our bye week, which was great timing for me. I was able to go back and see a lot of guys I played with at ASU. Some guys I haven't seen in a lot of years. I got to see Marie (Tillman's wife), Pat's brothers and his mom and dad. It was a very classy, well-done tribute and ASU went out and won, which was nice. They played with a lot of heart, which is what Pat did all the time. So, it was very well done."

On if throwing well on the run is something he has always done -
"I like doing it. I've been doing it for a long time, through Pop Warner, junior high, through college and out here. Yeah, I like getting out there and moving on the run. When you've got guys that get open and you have a run game like we have, it creates a lot of opportunities out there. So, I'll stay in the pocket and throw, I don't mind that. But when you've got something as good as we have with the boot and play action, you've got to use it."

On if rolling out allows him to see the field better -
"I wouldn't say see the field because you're usually rolling to one side or the other, so you're kind of cut off on what you see backside. But, you get guys running in different lanes and you create some holes and if nothing's there, then I always have the ability to run or throw it away and not take the sack."

On how the bye week affects the team -
"It has a great affect because you get rested mentally because of the break. This morning there were things going off my head with the game plan we've got in. So, yeah, with the week off, mentally I took a really nice break. I didn't watch much football besides the ASU game. But, we'll be rested, and physically, a lot of guys and me feel a lot better. The little aches and pains are gone and we're ready to come out and go out there in New Orleans."

On what his No. 1 reason for optimism at this point in the
season is -

"I don't think we feel really good about ourselves. We're 6-3, we're happy where were at, but we've got a lot of work to do. So, we've got a tough game here this week. We're going week-to-week. We've got to go down and beat New Orleans. We're judged week-to-week in this business. We ended on a good note going into the bye week. We didn't do anything bad in the bye week. Now we're moving on to New Orleans and hopefully we'll go down there and get a win and keep the streak going. But, you know, we're 6-3, we're sitting in a good spot. We've just got to keep going week-to-week and not look too far down the road."

On if he feels better with this team at this point in the season than with last year's team at the same time -
"Yes, I feel a lot more comfortable with the guys. I know where we're heading. I know which direction the offense is going and the defense is going. We've got a lot of great players that have stepped up on offense. Some guys have been doing it for a long time. Some young guys that are doing it now for the first time and they're finding their role and their niche. We'll just continue to improve each week. You've got to be positive about that and be encouraged because you've got to play your best ball in November and December if you want to do anything worthwhile in the playoffs. So, I'm encouraged by the direction we're heading. It all comes down to working at practice and studying hard like we've done all year. Nothing changes because now we've had a bye and now it's November. We do the same exact thing. I'm going to study and watch film and practice the same I have all year along with all the guys. We've just got to make sure we don't look too far ahead and try to worry about if were ‘this and this' or ‘this and this.' All we have to worry about is getting a win and getting to 7-3. That's it."

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