The Poetry and Toughness of Reuben Droughns

Broncos Update Columnist Schon gives us a softer side to Denver Broncos running back Reuben Droughns

With the recent success he's had over the course of this season, Denver Broncos running back Reuben Droughns is no stranger to opposing defenses.

In the case of the Miami Dolphins though, Droughns' legend may actually be more familiar to a member of their offensive unit, starting quarterback A.J. Feeley, who was Droughns teammate during their college years at Oregon.

"The guy, when he was at Oregon, he was known kind of as a poet because every game, every week he would recite these poems that he would come up with during the week," said Feeley.

"It would pertain to politics, to guys on our team to sum up some of our shortcomings and some of the stuff that went good last week. He would recite these things before the game. They were hilarious. They were funny and at times they were very motivating."

Today, Droughns limits his motivation to more of his on field accomplishments rather than his way with words in the locker room.

Although he has only started in eight of the thirteen games played so far this season, Droughns holds an incredible 119.3-yard per game average, ranking him ninth in the NFL among running backs with 984-yards on 216 carries.

A surprise to most around the league, but certainly not to Feeley, who described Droughns as "…a real workhorse who got hurt and got banged around a lot, but a guy that was definitely vital to us winning games."

The Dolphins quarterback added further emphasis to the running backs toughness in describing one of Droughns most prolific college games, a 172-yard effort against UCLA in which he fractured his right fibula.

"He broke his leg on a second effort when he was trying to stay in bounds, said Feeley. "The game was pretty much over and he tried to stay in bounds, breaking his leg, and ended up playing the rest of the game with it. He's a tough guy."

A tough guy with a soft side for poetry, sixteen-yards away from his first ever 1000-yard season, for Reuben Droughns it's almost a dream come true.


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