Riding Griese's Bandwagon

As quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brian Griese holds a partial key to Denver's post-season future, at least according to Broncos Update Columnist Schon. <br><br>

It's ironic, but two years after being unceremoniously driven out of town, Brian Griese is once gain being called upon by the Denver Broncos to help them reach the playoffs.

As quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Griese holds at least a partial key to Denver's post season future, in his attempt to outgun Drew Brees and the current AFC West leading San Diego Chargers.

Not an easy task, but one that is certainly obtainable, given the Bucs recent momentum. Six days ago Griese and Company handed the Atlanta Falcons their most embarrassing defeat in recent memory, a 27-0 blowout at Raymond James Stadium.

"We have confidence," Griese told reporters. "My attitude is that I love going to the West Coast, I love playing in San Diego. I love making the trip. It gives me a little bit longer to celebrate on the way home."

A Griese celebration, combined with a Broncos victory over the Miami Dolphins would push Denver within one game of the AFC lead, with three games remaining on the schedule; Kansas City, Tennessee and Indianapolis.

A loss on either side could prove itself fatal.

"We've got seven wins and our backs are against the wall," head coach Mike Shanahan explained. "We know they are. We've got to play our best football."

Here's hoping that both Denver and Brian Griese play their best football this Sunday.

That would be cause for celebrations in it's own right.

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