Timing is Everything

It's been a tough week of media scrutiny for Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan.

As if he didn't have enough to worry about with game preparations, head coach Mike Shanahan found himself on the media's hot seat this week, fielding questions about Shannon Sharpe, poor play calling and the possibility of accepting the Notre Dame vacancy.

Curiously, no one seemed to be too interested in talking about this weeks match up against Miami.

"What I'd like to do, is really talk about the Dolphins, said Shanahan. "That's what I'd like to do because we've got a chance to finish this season and do something pretty special. But I understand where you're coming from. You've got some papers to sell. But, for me, [the job is] focusing on the job at hand. That's the scrutiny about being a head coach in the NFL. You're really [as] good as your last game and right now I'm not very good.

A local radio station joined the act claiming that Shanahan had supposedly missed a Thursday call-in segment.

"My wife called me up and said, 'Hey, it's not like you to miss a call-in show.' She said, 'Yeah, they were dogging you a little bit. You usually call in and keep your appointments.' I didn't have an appointment with anybody. If I have an appointment, I take care of it.

Apparently the mix-up occurred following Thursday's practice session when Broncos Vice President of Media Relations, Jim Saccomano, asked the head coach if he would call in to the show.

Shanahan responded that he would call them on Friday, like he normally does.

"Things are fabricated to that standpoint where they're saying that I had a date to call in somebody and I didn't call in, so something's got to be going on. When they make a story out of something like that, it's quite disappointing."

Evidently coming off disappointing back to back losses, preparing to face a Dolphin squad with only two wins for the season doesn't seem to carry the headlines as much as a good coaching rumor.

At least in Colorado.

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