Broncos "Fish" for win today

The Denver Broncos face a 2-10 Miami Dolphins team today (2:05 MST), hoping to get back on track after two straight close losses and a tumultuous week. Denver's defense is licking its chops with the thought of facing the team with the worst turnover ratio in the NFL. Read about the game in today's reports.

Sharpe burning many bridges - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Sunday, December 12, 2004 - Shannon Sharpe keeps himself in NFL playing shape. Sharpe is a competitor. Sharpe loves the NFL life. Sharpe always will have a broadcasting career in his future. Thus, Sharpe is a perfect candidate to want to play in the NFL again. Come on, would it surprise you if Sharpe decided in the spring that he wanted to play again, a la his good buddy and kindred spirit Deion Sanders? It's fathomable. However, what has suddenly become unfathomable is the notion of Sharpe playing for the Broncos again. That relationship may have been severed, at least as long as Mike Shanahan is around.

Elway's rough spots seem to fade - Denver Post - Jim Armstrong
Sunday, December 12, 2004 - Tired of hearing about the good old days, about how things were when John Elway was playing quarterback in this dusty old cow town? You're not alone. Elway is tired of it, too. "I would hope at some point, we could move beyond that," Elway said. "The thing is, people just remember my last two years. Hey, we had plenty of problems before that. We didn't win any Super Bowls. We had a lot of growing pains. People have a tendency to remember the good things, the good times at the end of my career, but there were just as many bad times."

Terms have some explaining to do - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Sunday, December 12, 2004 - Tis the season for football. College bowl games - from something called the MPC Computers Bowl to the Orange Bowl, where Southern California and Oklahoma will play for the national championship - will fill the tube in the weeks to come. The NFL playoffs, with or without the Broncos, are on the horizon.

Give rookie Watts chance to blossom - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Sunday, December 12, 2004 _ Why do the Broncos keep wide receiver Darius Watts? He's a second-rounder, so if he were truly lousy he would still get a few more years to prove himself. But the team is very high on him. Yes, he has struggled some and, yes, he has some developing to do. But the team does feel confident enough in him to continue to keep throwing him the ball. It takes a few seasons for a receiver to come into his own.

Another slip-up may cost Broncos - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
December 12, 2004 - The Broncos are actually going to play football today. An important game, no less. After trying to get over a bitter defeat at San Diego, talking about Shannon Sharpe's low opinion of them, and stiff-arming speculation about Mike Shanahan's future in Denver throughout the week, it's finally time to get back on the field.

Dolphins (2-10) at Broncos (7-5) - Daily Camera
December 12, 2004 - KEY MATCHUP: Matt Lepsis vs. Jason Taylor. Lepsis has had a good season at left tackle and will face a tough test today in Taylor, the Dolphins' leader in sacks (7.5). Jake Plummer was sacked twice in San Diego, but has only been dropped nine times all season. The franchise record for fewest sacks allowed in a season is 22 in 1971.

Dolphins At a Glance - Denver - Tucker Gilmore
Saturday, December 11, 2004 - The Broncos (7-5) look to rebound this week after a heartbreaking loss in San Diego last Sunday. On tap for the Broncos are the struggling Miami Dolphins (2-10). Denver is currently tied with Baltimore for the final wild-card position in the playoffs, and would miss out if the postseason began today, because of a tie-breaker scenario. The challenge has been set forth for the Broncos. If the team has its sights on playing football late in January, now is the time for action.

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